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Go Bold with Unnatural Hair Colors: How to Choose a Perfect Fit

Unnatural colored hair can look absolutely fabulous if you choose the right shade for you. Luckily, with the abundance of products, you’ll have no trouble finding the perfect option, like all these celebrities managed to. And if you can’t decide on one color, just go with a multicolored combo, like Hannah Stocking. The options are limitless and with the right care you’ll be able to keep your hair vibrant for a while.

How to Choose a Perfect Unnatural Hair Color for You

The traditional rules for choosing a perfect hair color apply for unnatural shades as well. These rules are quite simple:

  • If you have cool eyes and skin tone, choose black, cool shades of brown, ash blonde, burgundy, orchid, fuchsia, purple, and various shades of blue.
  • If you have warm eyes and skin tone, choose chocolate, gold and honey blondes, red, auburn, coral, and orange for your hair.

In case your appearance is a mix of cool and warm tones, prioritize your skin color when choosing the perfect unnatural hair color.

Nowadays, you can find a variety of non-permanent coloring products that will allow you to give various vibrant shades a run. Get a whole palette and dye your locks depending on your mood. This way you’ll see what looks best on you.

5 Tips on How to Keep an Unnatural hair Color Vibrant Longer

One issue with unnatural hair colors is that they don’t last very long. To make them vibrant and ‘pure’ you’ll need to bleach your locks before the application of your chosen tone. Once you get the result you want, you’ll need to follow some general rules as well as special care tips for specific shades.

1.  Cover your colored hair outdoors

UV exposure is the main enemy of unnatural colored hair, so you should do your best to minimize it. Applying an SPF hairspray won’t give you 100% protection, so be sure to wear a hat, scarf, or other headwear that will cover your locks.

The good news for fashionistas is that elaborate headwear is in trend today and it looks like it’s here to stay. That’s no wonder because every year scientists find more dangers that UV radiation brings.

2.  If you are whitish blonde, use a purple shampoo

If your unnatural hair color is one of the many shades of platinum, ash, or white blonde, you definitely need to read about purple shampoo. This product contains pigment that prevents yellowing of bleached hair. Basically, it acts as a toner every time you wash your locks and helps keep your beautiful shade of blonde.

This product is a great alternative to tinting treatments because it doesn’t damage your hair. Depending on the type and ‘potency’ of the purple pigment in the shampoo, you can use it to achieve different shades of blonde, which will give you more flexibility to play around with your hair color without visiting a salon.

3.  Rinse with cold water

No matter which of the unnatural hair colors you choose, rinsing with cool water is a universal rule that will help you keep your locks vibrant longer. While washing with cold water isn’t really an option, try to keep the water as cold as you can bear it.

Heat breaks down the pigment in the dye as well as opens up cuticles in the hair so it washes off faster. This applies to heat styling as well, so avoid it too.

Bear in mind that you should cut down the frequency of shampooing to the minimum and only use specialized products for colored hair.

4.  Avoid chlorine at all costs

Chlorinated water is extremely damaging for any hair, and unnatural colored pigments wash off in it extremely fast. If you go to the pool, be sure to keep your head out of water.

Remember that not only the pool has chlorine but your tap water as well. It’s best to install a filter in your shower. At the very least, use filtered water for washing your locks.

5.  User a DIY tinting conditioner

Add a bit of your hair color to your conditioner so you can ‘liven up’ the shade every time you wash your tresses. Leave the conditioner for about 5 minutes (or more) for maximum effect. This won’t be as effective as dying your locks, but it’s good for keeping them vibrant.

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