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Giving Gifts with Swoondle Membership, Easy as Pie!

A Swoondle membership can help you with the hassle of gift giving this holiday season.

With your Swoondle membership giving gifts for Christmas becomes easy as pie!

Simultaneously, you can recycle your children’s old clothes, and get gifts for your children, friends and family. The Swoondle Society has modernized the idea of hand-me-downs.

All you have to do is put your children’s old clothes into a bag, take it to the post office and send it in, free of charge.

Once they have been received by Swoondle, the items you send in are valued on a scale of one to five. Based on the value of your clothes, you will receive Trading Credits to be used towards the clothes you want, like for like – but in any size, season or gender you need.

Any clothing that is deemed too damaged to be used is recycled. Anything of less value than a Level 1 is donated to Room To Grow, a charity set up to provide clothing and other essentials to impoverished families.

Celebrity endorsements of the brand are continuing to grow, with Christina Arquette, wife of David, being the latest to take to Instagram to declare her love for the company. https://www.instagram.com/p/B4xZ7BIF38I/

Due to The Swoondle Society, fewer textiles are ending up in landfills and the tactic of “reuse and recycle” is being encouraged and implemented through The Swoondle Society .

key partnership for Swoondle is with RoomtoGrow. RoomtoGrow is a charity born out of Harlem in 1998 that aims to support the fundamental needs of babies born into poverty in their first three years.