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Girls Need a Night, or Weekend, Too

Do you crave something different in this life? OK, time out. Before you start to think that this will be a psychoanalysis of your character, relax. Ladies, we all yearn for a little excitement outside the realm of our day-to-day responsibilities.

The boys have their days and nights out. Between football weekends, baseball games, hunting trips, and heaven only knows what they do afterwards, are we not entitled to a lady’s day and night?

So, what do you say, let’s come up with a couple of ideas for that “girl time”.

Culture Rock Shock

Regardless of your age, there was a time (and it may be now) that you loved to let that “other you” come out. Call it the alter-ego, or the inner-child, call it whatever you want. An opportunity to wear what we want and listen to whatever our heart calls for.

You like an edge to your music? Did you hang out with the “stoners” or the “hoods” back in “the day”? How about some bowling for good measure?

Rock festivals litter the landscape, especially during the warmer months of the year. They provide the young at heart an opportunity to let it out with their fellow brothers and sisters. The camaraderie that is formed can last a lifetime for some.

Why not round up a couple of girls who have that “edgy” side, lose the heels for a day or weekend, and rock it out? You can even dust off that skateboard in the closet. The guys and gals that attend these types of events are common folks, as demonstrated by the punk rock bowlin talk with the Sterns.

Say What?

You are driving home from work, the usual route, and find yourself gazing over to the strip club parking lot. Admit it, there is a part of you that wants to go.

It’s normal, please know this! Ladies are regular patrons at gentleman’s clubs across the country every night of the week. The ladies that earn a living entertaining the customers at these clubs work hard and appreciate female attendance.

Start a group text with some of your girlfriends and get a gauge of who’s in or out. Once you have the baseline, review the basic etiquette for female customers in a mostly male dominated industry. Most importantly, dress your best and have fun! Remember, it’s a whole industry, so be prepared to experience the energy in the room.

Out With the Pajamas

As kids, we frequently had sleepovers. The bonds that were created because of this time together last a lifetime. As life has its way, and we grow into careers and families, the tendency to lose contact with our friends increases.

It matters not if we are trying to reconnect with old friends or want to unwind with new ones, a sleepover is a hidden gem for girl’s night or weekend. At first, most ladies shrug off the idea. However, the uninhibited atmosphere has proved beneficial to women of all age groups.

It can be hosted at someone’s house, a hotel room, or a rented condo on the beach. Eat junk food, watch reruns of your favorite television series, and stay up all night long telling lies.

It’s your time to take off the mask and be you, whichever personality you like.