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Girl Tests The 10 Most Popular Beauty Tricks. Find Out Which Tricks Actually Work!

There are thousands of tricks and tips to improve your beauty and makeup routine. One girl decided to try the 10 most popular beauty tricks to check whether they work or not.

Here are the results:

1. Tutorials explain that if you use baby powder on top of the first layer of mascara, your lashes will become thicker and longer.


– This is true.

2. Applying a bit of cornstarch will turn any type of lipstick into matte.


– True, but you’ll feel a weird texture on your mouth.

3. Duck tape can help you achieve the perfect cat eyes.


– This is an incredible trick that really works.

4. Use man aftershave as a primer.


– Such a bad trick. You won’t feel any difference at the beginning, but you’ll eventually end up with greasy face.

5. Any eye pencil can turn into eyeliner if you warm it up with a lighter.


– Wrong! The flame will melt the pencil, but it will look far from eyeliner.

6. Mix some cornstarch with your nail polish to get the matte effect.


– This is a really bad tip that doesn’t work.

7. Mix a colorful eye shadow with clear nail polish to create your own nail polish color.


– This doesn’t work either.

8. Use a duck tape to create a perfectly straight line while you’re applying nail polish.


– Doesn’t work.

9. Use 2 bobby pins under your ponytail to create more volume.


– No results.

10. Drying your hair while it’s in pigtails makes it curly.


– It can only give you a nice texture.