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Gift Ideas for New Born Babies

You are so happy for your friend; she’s about to give birth to a cuddly, little baby, and both of you are so excited about it. The baby shower is just around the corner, and there’s so much to do. The planning, the decorations, the menu, the venue, the list goes on and on. You and your friend will do all of this together, but there is one thing that you have to do alone. The gift!

Yes, baby showers are incomplete without gifts. And you being her best friend want to give her something really special, something that she would absolutely love. What can you buy for her baby? Here are some great gift ideas that your friend would truly value.


Australia can get too cold in the winter season. And for a new born baby, extra care has to be ensured. A comforter, also known as duvet, makes a great choice, keeping the baby warm and improving sleep quality. Certain online stores offer a wide range of baby comforters in several designs and bright colours for both boys and girls.

Bouncy Seat

A bouncy seat would keep the baby as well as your friend extremely happy. The baby would love playing with the toys hanging down from the handle and enjoy the generous rocking of the chair. And your friend would love to see them play, while still being absolutely safe.

A bouncy seat is portable, featuring a bright and lively fabric, stretched across a plastic or metallic frame. Safety straps are provided with the seat. Some have to be manually rocked, whereas others can be powered by a battery for a smoother bounce, often paired up with a great, rhythmic tone.

Baby Monitor

Has your friend set up another room for the baby? A baby monitor would be a great gift then. These gadgets are quite sophisticated and can detect a baby breathing within hundreds of feet. Advanced models also feature motion sensors that ring an alarm in case the baby doesn’t move for a specific time period. Some of them also show the baby on a small display screen.

Bath Kit

Hygiene is important for infants, so why not gift a bath tub? Pair it up with a baby soap, lotion and oil to turn it into a great gift combo.

Front Carrier or Sling

If your friend often travels, gift her baby a front carrier or sling. Her child would love snuggling to her chest while the sling would not create any hassles for your friend, leaving their arms free for other tasks.  Not to forget that the baby will be safe and under eye all the time.

Activity Gym

An activity gym contributes to developing a baby’s motor skills. The product comprises of a mat to which an arch or bar is affixed. Colourful toys and mirrors are hung from the arches and are made attractive to entice the baby to grasp them. They are lightweight, so your friend can carry them wherever she wants.