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Gift Ideas for the Festive Season

It’s that time of the year again! The festive season is around the corner and needless to say, it’s best to plan the gifts you’re going to be giving your near and dear ones well before the bustle of celebrations takes over. Given the glut of presents available on the market these days, choosing the right present for your loved ones is hardly easy. Here are a few fantastic gift ideas for the upcoming festive season:

Gift Ideas for Him

Perfumes – Whether it is your father, brother, son, friend, husband, or boyfriend, no man can help but like a really good fragrance. Apart from the fact that perfumes have a long shelf life, they usually appeal to all men irrespective of age and sartorial preferences. Safe choices for men include strong woody fragrances such as sandalwood and rosewood or fresh citrus scents.

Gadgets – Men will be men, as they say. It’s 2018 and there are few men out there who don’t covet the latest gadgets, be it a fancy phone or a high-tech gaming system. Depending on your budget you may go for pocket-friendly wireless headphones or a portable scanner, or a pricey Apple watch or a digital pen and display drawing monitor set.

Gift Ideas for Her

Shoes – This is one wardrobe item no woman can say she’s had enough of. Given the sheer variety of styles these days, choosing the right pair for your mom, sister, friend, wife, or girlfriend isn’t quite as easy as it sounds. Nonetheless, some of the shoe designs most women do fancy are pumps, espadrilles, ballerinas, sandals, and stilettoes of course. Make sure you go for neutral colours – for instance, black, beige, fawn, or burgundy – that’ll go with a wide variety of clothing.

Home Decoration Objects – Clothes and bags are passé; besides, your favourite woman may already have too many of these. But a home decoration object is one present she will certainly cherish for a long time. Today, the market is simply flooded with nice and quirky home décor objects, ranging from hand-painted vases and beaded jewellery boxes to embroidered rugs and vintage wind chimes. One of these pretty gifts is sure to delight your loved one.

Jewellery – When it comes to buying gifts for women, one can’t possibly go wrong with this option. Of course, this does not necessarily mean you’ll have to shell out a huge amount of money to buy that perfect piece of jewellery this season. The markets abound in striking fashion jewellery these days and some elegant, yet inexpensive choices include jade and amethyst bracelets, rhinestone necklaces, and German silver or semi-precious stone encrusted gold earrings. Faux pearls and simulated diamond jewellery are other good options.

While a gift may be expensive or low-priced, it is the emotion behind the gift that matters most. So, go right ahead, and indulge your loved one with an unforgettable gift topped with a generous dollop of love and affection this season.