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Gift Buying Guide for the Christmas Season

Christmas is just around the corner and everyone’s fussing about on what to get for their loved ones this season. The holidays is the time where giving gifts to others is the common norm. To know more about what to give for your loved ones, here are some simple gift ideas this Christmas:


Perfumes are a popular gift choice for ladies this season. Perfumes are a lady’s best friend and most women tend to go out of their house wearing their favorite scent. Since Christmas is coming, most sellers tend to bundle up perfumes with freebies to entice buyers to buy them.

For women who wishes to feel young and more feminine, Nanette Lepore perfumes are a good choice for gifts. Perfumes such as Nanette Lepore By Nanette Lepore Eau De Parfum Spray and the Shanghai Butterfly provides a whimsical and fresh fragrance, something that Nanette Lepore perfumes are famous for.

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Cellphone Cases

For techie friends, cellphone or gadget cases are a good option. Since these people tend to have their gadgets on hand 24/7, their cases tend to get worn out faster than an average gadget user. These days, lots of cases make use of different fandoms or series that are popular such as Doctor Who, Game of Thrones, and Pokemon. Cases patterned after these series tend to sell like pancakes during Christmas.


Mugs are one of the easiest and cheapest gift ideas that you could use. For office workers who enjoy a cup of coffee everyday while they work, mugs are a go-to idea for them. Mugs come in different sizes and in different design in order to entice people who use them to do be more productive. There are a lot of cheap mugs to get if you’re short on budget.


For those who are conscious of their faces, skincare products are the best idea for them. Like perfumes, skincare products tend to come in packs along with freebies to entice buyers to get them. Products like Clarins Gentle Foam Cleanser and Clarins Make-up Remover can be good ideas to give this Christmas.


Books are a good choice of gift for children and bookworms alike. Famous series such as The Harry Potter series by J.K Rowling, C.S Lewis’ The Chronicles of Narnia series, and Suzanne Collin’s The Hunger Games series are good for kids transitioning to young adults while more complex ones like the Eragon series, Temeraire Series, and The Perks of Being a Wallflower would fit their reading tastes.



Most girls don’t leave their houses without their make-up. Makeup is a part of a woman’s life, whether if it’s for work or for gimmicks. These tend to go on sale as soon as the holidays kick because of the popular demand for it. Lip make-up such as the Pixi Lip Maximizing Lip Gloss and Christian Dior Rouge Dior Couture Colour Voluptuous Care are good examples of cosmetics gift ideas this season. Other prefer light makeup in contrast to those who take the time to put theirs on before facing the busy worlds. Foundations such as Yves Saint Laurent Teint Compact Hydra Feel Spf10 – 07 Caramel by Yves Saint Laurent and Concealers like Clinique Airbrush Concealer are good ideas to those who sports light make-up in their everyday lives.

For more cosmetic gift ideas, check out Heavenly Scent & Perfumes and browse through their catalog of products.