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Getting Your Children (and Home) Ready for a Move

A dream job opportunity or need of a family member can cause a mother to have to prepare her children for the move. The tough aspect of this is that there is going to be a lot of stress already as moves mean the unknown for everyone involved. Children of any age worry that they will not be able to make friends as well as they will miss their friends in their current hometown. There is quite a bit to do when it comes to selling the home as well as carrying two mortgages is simply not an option for a large number of families. Getting the best return on investment in the home is going to give you the resources to set your family up for success in your new location. The following are tips to get both your family ready to move as well as the home prepped to be sold.

Present Your Children with New Opportunities

The children are going to be worried about going to a new place and more importantly a new school. Present all of the opportunities they have there that they might not in your current location. All areas offer different types of fun so make sure to research these things before sitting the children down to let them know. The new features at the school they will be attending like a great music or athletic program could be enough as well. The entire family has to be considered during a move as lowering the quality of life of every person in the family for a small bump in pay might not be the best decision.

Promise and Deliver On Visiting Your Old Hometown

The one aspect that will not be able to be replicated is the friends that your children and you have made. The first friends that you have in life or a new town are always special throughout the years. Allowing the kids to visit or their friends to visit them can help keep these friendships alive. With social media, it is easier than ever to stay current with a friend even if they are in another state. This can lead to a smoother transition to the new hometown as a poor attitude can make it difficult to find new friends. If there are family members in your former city then this will make it very convenient to visit during the holidays.

Getting Out Ahead Of Repairs/Renovations

There could be major repairs that you do not realize so getting a home inspection to see the problem areas of the house can bring these issues to light. According to Guardian Roofing, which provides Houston roofing and repair across the Metroplex, “Getting a new roof is an investment that you want to be sure of since a roof protects the integrity of your house and your family from outside forces.” Failure to do so if there are leaks can lead to issues like that of water damage as well as the potential for mold due to the damp area in the home. Water damage is something that many buyers would consider a red flag as they might believe that an inspection would not have the ability to uncover all of the damage. Proper maintenance and renovations can allow a home to be turnkey which is something buyers will pay a premium price for.

Consider Renting Your Old Home If Finances Allow It

A home with great income potential could cover the expenses or the entire mortgage of another home. This commonly happens when a family relocates to an area with a far lower cost of living. Most of the time when a family moves abruptly it is due to a good job offer which generally comes with a pay increase. The financial freedom of an income property can allow a family to generate money monthly to maximize return on the home. The comfort of the children knowing that their childhood home has not been sold can help soften the move. A property management company should be used as this will make the income passive and help reduce the odds of a nightmare renter. The fees are generally low and their rental asking price could be far over what you would ask so you could reduce the amount of work on your end while increasing income. These management companies are imperative for people that are moving out of state as it can be tough to keep an eye on a home or chase tenants for rent.

Getting your children ready for the move is going to be far tougher than getting the home ready to be sold. Both of these things need to be a priority to make the move a success and allow everyone to adjust at their own pace to their new location.