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Getting a Workout on the Water

Let’s face it, even the most dedicated gym enthusiasts find themselves wishing they could be outside as winter fades and the longer, warmer days of spring and summer arrive. You could find yourself longing to be able to get into the great outdoors and breathe fresh air, hear the birds sing and see the landscape bursting into life. Or maybe you need a change from the same old exercise routine and are looking for a new challenge over the summer. If you want to get fit and enjoy the sunshine at the same time, the answer could be water sports.

Why water sports?

Swimming has been recommended as an almost perfect form of exercise for many years. It works all the main muscle groups in your body and raises your breathing and heart rates for a great cardio workout. The water supports your body, and you avoid the impact element of activities such as running, which can be hard on the bones and joints. The water also creates resistance, meaning your muscles must work harder to keep you moving. The nature of the exercise strengthens and tones your whole body, helping you to achieve your ideal figure. The same benefits are applicable to water sports, with the bonus that many of them also require a major work out of your core to enable you to keep your balance!

Which sports are best?

Well-known sports like surfing, water-skiing and scuba diving are all brilliant for your whole-body workout. There are training centers by the sea and at many inland lakes, so you can choose the environment that appeals most to you and get some professional guidance on the activity of your choice. There are other sports that may not be so well known but offer the same complete workout experience, as well as the chance to try something a little different. Kayaking is great fun, and the workout for your arms is evident, but using the muscle groups in your legs and butt for turning, bracing and as a source of power is a perfect way to strengthen and tone your lower body too.

You can hire kayaks, or they can be purchased for a reasonable price. Have a look at reviews on a specialist website like Waves Champ if you’re considering buying your own equipment. Paddleboarding makes you work your whole body to propel yourself across the water, and if you don’t engage your core you’ll be taking a swift dip! Success with paddle boarding requires focus and balance, and you’ll probably be so busy concentrating on these aspects that you won’t realize what a terrific workout you’ve had. Kitesurfing is reckoned to burn up to 600 calories an hour, as you engage your entire body in the effort of balancing on your board and steering the kite through the waves.

Water sports combine something you can enjoy with your family or friends with the benefits of a good workout at the gym, so if you want to shake up your exercise regime, it’s worth giving these sports a go. The more you enjoy exercising, the more likely you are to keep it up, and if you’re spending quality time with your family as you exercise, that’s a definite win-win situation.