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Getting Back To You: 5 Style Tips For Inner Confidence

When it comes to having a great sense of style and knowing which colors and pieces you love and how they fit together, all of this is only part of the equation as the other part is having the confidence to actually wear things like this.

You need confidence to be creative and express your own sense of style and also have fun with fashion, but unfortunately, the current trend in the media is to propagate unrealistic views and ideals of beauty, which is stripping woman, and men’s, confidence right down.

However, it doesn’t have to be like this as you can like clothes and have fun with fashion without having to get sucked into the superficial world of current trends and looking polished all the time. You just need to be you.

1. How Can This Be Done

Dress for the moment! If you are looking to lose weight or graduate or another significant life-changing moment, don’t hold back from wearing what you want to wear just because you haven’t perhaps achieved one of your goals. Embrace your style right now and dress exactly how you want to.

2. Separate Body From Style

In the same vein to the point above, make sure you don’t hold back on showing your real style just because of body issues and hang-ups. Despite how much pressure is put on us all to look perfect, being perfect is not a pre-requisite to having style; dressing to make yourself feel beautiful is the key message here.

3. Don’t Flatter Me

If you like something, wear it! Don’t dress to ‘flatter’ your shape as you don’t have to care if someone views your outfit as not flattering. After all, you are the one wearing it, so if you like it, regardless of how it makes your shape look, then you go and wear it, and wear it with pride.

4. Don’t Copy

Inspiration from others is always going to help with a style guide, but there is a fine line between being inspired by and copying other people. Women especially are encouraged to replicate successful, beautiful women instead of thinking about themselves and what they need so if you care about your self-esteem, the only style you should be copying is your own.

Certain trends have been invented over time to be copied, such as the retro look which is all about copying an existing style. Great military jackets, available at JACK1T for example, will help you dress for your individual style.

5. Expand One Piece At a Time

Instead of having a complete wardrobe overhaul in one day, take baby steps and add key pieces that you love over a period of time. This is because if you do it too quickly, who is to say that the mood you felt in that day when you choose a whole new wardrobe will still be the same as how you feel a month later.

By adding over time, you are being consistent with what you like and how you feel, and you will find these will be ‘go to’ pieces you use again and again.

Dressing for you and dressing to impress others is such a difficult task as more often than not, the two merge into one. But if you can really be true to yourself and know what you like and why, you will find that your own sense of style will make you happy and help your confidence improve for a long time.