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Get Your Kids to Eat More Veggies

We’re sure you’re one of those parents who battle with their kids when it comes to eating their veggies. There’s no need to fight anymore, because there are creative ways you can teach your kid to love and eat veggies.


1. Involve your Kids in the Kitchen

Take your kids with you to the grocery store and let them pick the veggies. Let your child into your kitchen and let them wash and peel the veggies and ask them how they want to veggies to be cooked.

2. Veggies with Their Favorite Food

If pizza is your kid’s favorite food, add some veggies in their pizza. Some kids are willing to experiment, let them choose what veggies they like on their pizza. Mixing their favorite food with veggies can lead to them liking veggies.

3. Veggies are Fun

Pediatricians claim that if veggies look fun, kids will be more willing to eat them. Cut up the veggies to make smiling faces or even call the broccoli “trees”.

4. Don’t Battle

Forcing your kid to eat veggies, can led to them hating veggies. Don’t get frustrated or mad if your kid doesn’t want to eat his veggies. There are some things your child just won’t eat.

5. Don’t Give up

Don’t give up if your child doesn’t like the taste of broccoli. Your kid’s taste can change as he grows up. Some kids just need to try the food a couple of times before they start liking it.


6. Veggies Smoothies

If your child doesn’t like veggies, try serving him the veggies in a different way. Take out your blender and blend all sorts of veggies. He might end up liking the veggie smoothie.

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7. Roast Veggies

Kids sometimes don’t like veggies because their taste is strong. Try slicing the veggies and roasting them so they look like French fries. This way the veggies taste won’t be so intense.

8. Veggies and Dip

Offer your kid chopped veggies with a healthy dip. Kids love dipping and eating with their fingers.

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9. Set a Good Example

If you don’t eat veggie around your kid, then don’t expect your kid to love veggies. Try eating more veggies around your kid to give him a good example.

10. Add Veggies into Baking Goods

Try sneaking some veggies in your kid’s favorite muffins. Instead of arguing over eating veggies, add some carrots or spinach in their favorite muffins and everyone will be happy.