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Get Rid of Large Pores Without Undergoing Expensive Procedures

There isn’t a woman on this planet that doesn’t hate her large pores. In order to hide those nasty things, women spend tons of money on products and procedures.

Our skin produces sebum, which is an oil-like substance that keeps the skin moisturized and saturated with oxygen. When our skin produces too much sebum and doesn’t get proper care, our pores become dirty and enlarged, which eventually leads to acne.

Excess production of sebum can be caused by:

  • Stress
  • Bad food
  • Wrong type of skin care
  • Decrease in elasticity
  • Genes

How to decrease the production of sebum:

  • Reconsider your diet
  • Change your skin care procedures
  • Use sunscreen every day to protect your skin from collagen destruction
  • Clear your pores regularly and moisturize them

This will not change your skin type, but will make your pores look clearer and smaller.

Here’s how to get rid of large pores:

1. Good food

  • Add more spices and herbs into your diet. Cloves, oregano, cinnamon, garlic and ginger prevent skin aging.
  • Decrease the number of carbs you eat. Avoid foods such as white bread, white rice, sugar and other foods with high glycemic index.
  • Eat more fish and vegetables. They decrease the appearance of acne.
  • Drink green tea. It decreases the production of sebum and reduces acne.

2. Clearing and moisturizing

If you have large pores, you need to clean and moisturize your skin twice a day. After you skin is cleaned thoroughly, moisturize it with a product that can protect it from dirt, UV light and save the skin’s elasticity.

  • Don’t use scrubs because the abrasive particles can damage the skin and cause inflammation.
  • Use peels that contain salicylic acid because it keeps the pores clean and stimulate the regeneration of cells.
  • Use gels for cleaning your face because they’re better than lotions.

3. Choose safe cosmetics

Comedogenic cosmetics contain ingredients that can block pores such as talcum, wax, oils etc. If you have large pored, you need to use cosmetics that will decrease the production of sebum.

Don’t buy cosmetics that contain:

– Alcohol, because it dries the skin.
– Talcum, because it blocks the pores.
– Mineral oil.

Use cosmetics that contain:

– NDGA, Nordihyroguaiaretic acid and sarcosine because they reduce the production of sebum.
– Zinc sulfate, zinc gluconate, caffeine, biotin, niacinamide and Enantia chlorantha bark extract because they regulate the work of the sweat glands.

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