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Get Dreamy Periwinkle Hair In 5 Easy Steps

Coloring your hair to shades of blue creates a dreamy feeling for everyone who sees it. If you’re in the mood for some fairytale charm, breathe life into your locks by coloring it periwinkle! This mesmerizing color—packed with rich lavender undertones—is a newcomer to the pastel hair trends. It adds life and alluring charm with a shade between blue and purple.

Turn your platinum hair or blonde locks into a marvelous periwinkle extravaganza. Blend Pastel Blue and Vibrant Purple coloring conditioners to achieve this look.

And if you’re worried about the periwinkle fading from your hair in a few washes, the oVertone conditioner for colored hair keeps the color locked in for far too long. Coloring conditioners also allow you to easily swap between hair colors without worrying about hair damage. Keep your vibrant color with daily conditioners.

Let Periwinkle steal the show with its captivating in-between shade! Read more to know how.

periwinkle hair

Periwinkle Pre-Color Preparation

Before you begin, you must know a few things about dyeing your hair.

You must test your hair using a demi-permanent hair color. Demi-permanent hair dyes are a mix of permanent and semi-permanent hair colors. It reduces damage to your hair and adds depth to the natural color.

Aside from the strand test, you should also do a patch test. This test helps you see if a color suits your hair before you color every strand. Apply a small amount of dye to your hair to see if it’s too light or dark. Try another product if you’re allergic to the one you just tested.

Stay away from messy coloring by preparing these essentials:

  • Gloves
  • Mixing bowl
  • Tinting brushes
  • Hair ties
  • Towel
  • Clips
  • Ear caps (to prevent the hair dye from staining your ears)
  • Cape (If you don’t have one, an old T-shirt would do)
  • Bobby pins

Turning Your Hair into a Fabulous Periwinkle Magic

Now it’s time to get in front of the mirror, dry your freshly washed hair, and wear a cape or old shirt! Put some periwinkle on your locks with these easy-to-follow instructions:

Step 1: Mix the colors well

Put a good amount of Pastel Blue and Vibrant Purple Coloring Conditioners in the mixing bowl and mix it well. The ratio of the blue and purple depends on the shade you want. Put more blue for a cooler, minty shade. Add more purple if you’re gunning for the ethereal lilac look.

Step 2: Divide and apply

Use clips and bobby pins to divide your hair into sections. Make sure it suits the length and type of your hair.

Once hair is divided, put ample hair color on the tinting brush. Apply it to your hair. You can start from the strands and work your way up. Feel free to jump in any part of your hair to ensure better dye coverage.

Step 3: Let it sink in

Wear the gloves and saturate the periwinkle dye on your hair. Let it sit for 10-15 minutes. That’s the time to enjoy a cup of tea, eat snacks, enjoy the view outside, and scroll through your endless social media feed. Take this time to rest before the washing game it all off.

Step 4: Rinse, rinse, rinse!

Wash your hair with the water temperature you want. Squeeze excess water gently using your towel. Don’t worry about stains—the color is light enough to cause significant concern.

Step 5: Dry and reveal!

Dry and style your hair like you always do. And after all the dyeing and drying, say hello to your new fantastic and timeless look! Show off your new hair color that’s both equally beautiful and alluring.

Aftercare Tips

Getting amazing results from a periwinkle hair color makeover is just one part of the story. Sure, it does look good for Instagram. But it needs some proper aftercare.

Stay away from shampoo and conditioner with harsh chemicals. Shampoo that contains sulfate fades the dreamy pastel blue on your hair away. If you ever suffer from dry hair after the hair dyeing, run to your trusted hairdresser for a quick fix.

Whether you’re rocking a light denim blue shade or a darker hue, always maintain your colorful hair with the proper care.

Final Thoughts

You don’t need to wait a few weeks to jump on the periwinkle hair craze. You can always absolutely do it on a whim! Let your imagination run at full speed, and give your light or dark hair a new look.

If you’ve been dreaming of that periwinkle shade on your locks, try a coloring conditioner! It comes in a wide selection of hair colors to help you achieve that desired periwinkle hair. It is also cruelty-free.

Semi-permanent hair dyes with purple undertones, like Arctic Fox hair color, are an excellent choice. To personalize your periwinkle shade, blend it with other semi-permanent hair color selections from brands like oVertone.