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Get Your Dream Body With Breast Augmentation Surgery

Many of us have something about our bodies we’d like to change. In this day and age, that change can happen. Here’s how to pick the right cup size for you.

Plastic surgery is popular in the United States.

How popular? On average it’s estimated that 1.6 million cosmetic surgeries are performed in the country each year.  And out of the 1.6 million, 318,123 of those surgeries are for breast augmentation.

Breast augmentation has only improved over the years.  Surgical technology and implant material options have made the procedure easy for the average patient.

When you couple that with the fact that it can be a great boost for self-esteem and self-image, you may be wondering why you haven’t considered getting the procedure done sooner.

You may know that you want breast augmentation, but you aren’t sure what size you should get.

There’s no right or wrong size to get when you augment your breasts. There are some things you can do that can ensure that you get the size you want.

Don’t think about cup size

When it comes to breasts, cup size has become the de-facto measurement.  Your bra size will be helpful when you’re shopping for a new bra, but it won’t mean much when you choose your implant size.

Just like how clothing sizes can vary from manufacturer to manufacturer, cup sizes will vary depending on who is making and selling the bra.

Telling your surgeon that you want a C or D cup is a great way to start a conversation about size, but don’t expect bra size to be a standard.

Think about the rest of your body

Before you head to the surgeon’s office for your first consultation, take a good look at your body and curves.

Do you have a slender body or more of a round shape?  Are your shoulders broad? Are your hips narrow?

A 5′ 5″ woman that weighs 160 pounds may get bigger implants than a 5′ 2″ woman that weighs 120 pounds.

When the time comes to choose your implant size, think about the rest of your body.  Your height, weight, hips, and frame should heavily factor into the implant size you choose.

Don’t have what she’s having 

Your best friend got 300s and her implants look great on her, so you decide that you should get the same.

An implant size that’s flattering on a friend may not be the best for you.  Don’t look towards friends or celebrities when you’re thinking about size.

Every person’s body is different. Find what’s right for you.

Consider your lifestyle

Do you work a desk job, or are you constantly on your feet and lifting heavy objects?

Do you love to play sports and are always on the go?

When you’re considering breast augmentation, you have to consider your day to day life.  Large breasts can take some getting used to, and if you lead a particularly active lifestyle you may want to consider something smaller.

It’s also worth mentioning that childbirth can affect your implant size.

If you’re planning on having children in the next few years, you may want to consider waiting on getting your breasts augmented. Breast size can change considerably because of breast milk and hormones.

Try the rice test

Have an idea of the size you want?  See if you’ve chosen the right size for you by doing the rice test.

All you need to the rice test is a sports bra, some stockings, and of course some rice.  Fill your stockings with rice in accordance with your implant size. Here’s a handy chart that should make measurement easy.

After they’re filled, spend some time going about your day with them.  Don’t forget to also try on different clothes!

Wrapping up

Remember that choosing a new breast size can take time.  Don’t feel the need to rush it, and keep in mind that you have a lot of options.  In the end, the only important thing is your happiness.

Feel free to share how you decided on your breast size in the comments!

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