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General and Medical Treatments for HSDD in Women

Have you recently figured out about your low desire for sex or degraded sex drive? The signs of this behavior and disorder are included in HSDD symptoms. HSDD or Hypoactive Sexual Disorder in women is a sexual dysfunction that leads to a low and poor desire to rekindle your love life through sex.

However, there is less to worry about, and the victims can now relax since quite reliable, safe, and trusted treatments and therapies are out there. Let’s discuss HSDD, its symptoms, diagnosis, and treatments in brief.

Hypoactive Sexual Disorder Diagnosis
Through Medical History

Although it may make you uncomfortable, your sexuality is an important aspect of your overall health. The greater your chances are of discovering a successful treatment method, the more honest you can be regarding your romantic or sexual history and present issues.

Through Blood Examination

In order to screen for fundamental medical issues that can predispose you to sexual disturbance, your doctor may advise blood testing.

Hypoactive Sexual Disorder Symptoms

A woman experiencing HSDD typically lacks sex drive for six months at best, even though it’s normal for it to fluctuate. It may be HSDD if your sexual desire changes so drastically that they have a negative impact on your marriage or conscience.

The common symptoms of HSDD are underlined below:

  • Trouble experiencing sexual pleasure
  • Very little to no excitement in having sex
  • Minimal to no sexual fantasies or thoughts
  • Inability to feel anything nice when the sexual organs are aroused
  • Lack of motivation in starting sex
  • Other

The majority of women improve from a therapeutic strategy that targets the various root causes of this illness. Sex education, psychotherapy, and occasionally medication and hormonal therapy are among the prescriptions that may be made.


Your doctor might suggest a drug to increase libido. Alternatives for premenopausal women that have received FDA approval include:

  1.  Flibanserin (Addyi) is a drug that has the ability to combat low libido in women. It is a drug taken at bedtime once daily. Low blood pressure, lightheadedness, nausea, and weariness are all side effects. These adverse effects may worsen if you drink alcohol or use fluconazole (Diflucan), a frequent drug used to treat vulvar yeast infestations.
  2. Bremelanotide (Vyleesi) is an instillation you administer to yourself in the shin or abdomen just under the skin prior to an anticipated sexual activity. Some women report feeling nauseous, which is more frequent after the initial infusion but usually goes away with the subsequent. Other adverse reactions include nausea, flushing, headaches, and a skin response at the treatment site.


Some hormone treatments that target the symptoms of GSM may improve sex comfort. Additionally, feeling more at ease during sex could increase your desire. Various hormone treatments include:


Although the FDA has not authorized testosterone for the treatment of female erectile dysfunction, it is occasionally prescribed off-label to boost a flagging libido. It’s debatable whether or not women should utilize testosterone. Taking it may result in mood or behavioral disturbances, acne, and excessive body hair.


To lessen the discomfort of painful intercourse, this vaginal insert administers the hormone dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA) straight to the cervix. To improve the pain of individuals experiencing vaginal dryness brought on by GSM, you consume this drug every night.


When used daily, this medication can assist women with intermediate to extreme GSM manage their uncomfortable sex sensations. Women who have recently had malignancy or who show a high likelihood of developing it are not allowed to take this medicine.

Bottom Line

The information provided in this blog is accurate and is based on a combined go-through of research pages and other related blogs. However, it is recommended to always consult your local practitioner before proceeding with any medical examination, diagnosis, or treatment to aid your HSDD condition.