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Fun & Fashionable Ways to Prepare for Your Winter Wedding

So, you decided to get married in the frigid cold temperatures? While it may be cold, it doesn’t mean you have to be miserable! There are actually some amazing ways you can prepare for a very cold winter wedding and still be cute. Of course, there are also ways you can let your guests have a little fun along the way.

Formal wedding clothing is super fun, even when it’s cold. So, it’s time to pull out your fashion thinking cap and get to work on preparing for a very cold winter wedding. It may be cold, but it’s going to be beautiful.

Spice Up the Bridal Party’s Winter Wear

This is 2019, there are all kinds of awesome winter weather wedding gear out there. You can always choose a fabulous white wedding dress but add a fun winter coat to it. A fuzzy warm shawl can also work wonders for a bride, on her winter wedding day! Plus, lab grown diamond rings look great with ANYTHING winter wedding wise.

Add pair of fun boots – You don’t have to wear heels to your wedding, who’s going to see your shoes anyways? Adding a pair of fun boots to the mix can help keep your feet warm, but also keep it fashionable. You can imagine that there are tons of fun wedding style boots you can wear to your own very cold winter wedding.

Long Johns are always welcome – If you’re getting married where it’s super cold, you may have to pull out the Long Johns. The great thing about these under the clothing items is that no one will see these articles of clothing (on the guys) but they will keep everyone warm!

Choose a longer dress for the girls – Getting married on a blustery winter day? You may want to have the girls in your wedding wear longer dresses. When longer dresses are worn, warm leggings can be worn under the dresses.

Find a cute sweater for the bridesmaids to wear – Sweaters come in all shapes and sizes and you are bound to find a VERY cute sweater for the bridesmaids. Allow them to pick out their own style, but in a certain color. This will add a little flair to your wedding day and allow the bridesmaid to add a touch of their own style to the clothing choice.

Add Small Warm Touches to Your Wedding

Now that you’ve taken care of wearing side of things for the wedding party, it’s time to think about your guests. They may be a little cold too, but there are things you can do to help everyone keep warm and have fun!

Have a S’more station – If you can swing it, a S’more station will get everyone excited about cold weather. You can have a little fire going and the guests can make their own S’mores. It gives the guests something to do, while the wedding party takes pictures!

Hand Out Warm Socks to Everyone – Usually, there are wedding favors, when you go to a wedding. A REALLY fun way you can spice up a winter wedding is to hand out warm socks to everyone as a wedding favor!

Fire Places Everywhere – Keep the guests happy by adding in fun little warm fire places around the wedding venue! Staying warm is important and your guests are going to stay warm.

These fun and fashionable ways to prepare for your winter wedding are going to leave you, the wedding party, and your guests very happy!