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From Working with Kitchener Penguin Basements to Using Roof Dorms – 5 Easy Ways to Improve Your Home’s Square Footage

If you’re wondering how to make your home bigger, this ultimate guide has got you covered. It runs through all the best points to consider, like finishing your basement, tearing down walls, and adding more floors. Read ahead if you want to learn more information.

Finish Your Basement

Definitely finishing your basement is one of the best ways to make your home bigger. You would now have a large space that is ready for anything that you want to do with it.

If you are growing your family, I would recommend that you transform the space into smaller bedrooms. But if you really want, you can transform the finished basement into an entertainment room. You won’t have to worry about going out often, as the space would be all that you need.

From all the suggestions on my list, this is the best. It’s also pricey, so be mindful of who you work with. Kitchener Penguin Basements are a good place to check out.

If you are in Kitchener or Guelph basement renovation teams are easy to find, so be mindful of who you hire.

Build Up

If you don’t have much space to build horizontally, you can think of adding more floors to your home. This is a major investment, as it would cost quite a bit of money. But I think that it is a good choice, as having an extra floor will add quite a bit of property value to it.

Take From Your Yard

Of course, you can think about using space from your front or back yard into your home. You would basically adjoin them into your house. But be careful about who you hire to build these new rooms. You will affect your home’s property value if you get a shoddy job done.

Install a Roof Dormer

If you don’t have a roof dormer already, I would recommend that you get one installed. It would not only add more square footage to your property, but it would also improve your home’s curb appeal. You would add a bit more horizontal space to your home, which you can use as a nook. It will make the space look homier which I am a fan of.

Tear Down Walls

Although tearing your home’s walls down won’t exactly make your home bigger, it would help with the illusion. If there are a lot of walls in your home, tearing them down and opening the space up would bring in lighter and make it look bigger.

You can of course do this yourself – all you would need is a sledgehammer. But you would need to be careful about not hitting any important pipes.

Final Thoughts

There are multiple ways to improve the square footage of your home. The best thing would be to finish your basement. You would have one large space that you can use to transform into smaller bedrooms, or one large entertainment room. I want you to find this guide useful, so I would recommend Kitchener Penguin Basements.

Hopefully you found all of the points discussed useful.