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From Personal Passion to Wellness Champion: The MaryRuth Ghiyam Story, CEO and Founder of MaryRuth’s

When it comes to health and wellness, only a couple of names shine as brightly as MaryRuth Ghiyam, the founder and CEO behind MaryRuth’s. With a mission fueled by personal experience and a passion for holistic health, Ghiyam has transformed her vision into a thriving business that offers more than just vitamins and supplements — it offers a pathway to a healthier, more vibrant life.

“Launching MaryRuth’s was my way of sharing my health journey and inviting everyone to join me in discovering what wellness truly means in an approachable manner,” Ghiyam told us.

We sat down with Ghiyam to learn about her story and the passion behind her products.

Early Beginnings

Ghiyam’s journey into wellness began with a personal quest to improve her family’s health. This quest became a professional pursuit as she earned her stripes as a Certified Health Educator, Nutritional Consultant, and Culinary Chef. Her multifaceted expertise laid the foundation for what would become MaryRuth’s — a now-household name synonymous with friendliness, inclusivity, care, quality, and sustainability.

“Wellness is a mosaic, consisting of our nutritional choices, mental health, and the peace we find in our daily lives. I strive to create products that nourish every piece of this intricate picture with little know-how or overthinking involved,” Ghiyam shared.

Philosophy and Mission

At the heart of MaryRuth’s lies a simple yet powerful philosophy: Wellness should be accessible to everyone. Ghiyam believes in the power of simple, sustainable habits to achieve more

desirable health. Her products, designed to support the body’s natural functions, underscore her commitment to this belief.

“Knowledge is the first step towards transformation! By educating our community on the basic fundamentals of nutrition and wellness, we empower them to make choices that lead to a

healthier, fuller life,” Ghiyam said. “There is no magic formula, it is all about consistency and taking the ‘right first step’ whenever we can.”

A Brand is Born

MaryRuth’s wellness

MaryRuth’s burst onto the scene with its flagship product, the Liquid Morning Multivitamin. Its success was just the beginning. Today, the brand boasts an extensive range of supplements, each

crafted with the utmost care and quality. From probiotics to essential minerals, MaryRuth’s has become a one-stop-shop for individuals seeking to embark on a journey toward better health.

“Innovation in wellness means constantly questioning, exploring, and creating. It’s how we stay ahead and meet the evolving needs of our community with products that they not only need but love,” Ghiyam said.

Engaging with the Community

Beyond the products, MaryRuth’s is known for its vibrant community. Ghiyam herself is at the forefront, engaging with customers, sharing insights, and offering support — even creating products simply based on community requests. Her approach goes beyond transactions; she and her team focus on building relationships and fostering a community centered on mutual growth and support.

“Our brand is a reflection of the vibrant community that supports it. Their stories, challenges, and triumphs inspire everything we do at MaryRuth’s,” Ghiyam said.

Looking Ahead

As MaryRuth’s continues to grow, its founder remains committed to innovation while staying true to her original vision. Ghiyam’s story is more than just a tale of business success; it’s a

beacon of inspiration for anyone looking to make a positive change in their life and the lives of others.

“The path to wellness is ever-expanding. With each step we take together, we’re not just following trends; we’re creating a healthier future for all,” Ghiyam finished.

Ghiyam’s journey from passionate advocate to wellness entrepreneur is a powerful reminder of how individual commitment can lead to widespread change. In a world where health is more important than ever, Ghiyam and her brand stand out as pillars of hope, health, and harmony — in an easy, approachable way from which we can all benefit.

About MaryRuth’s

MaryRuth’s — founded by certified health educator, culinary chef, and nutritional consultant MaryRuth Ghiyam — only crafts products she and her family personally take, ensuring the utmost care and quality. MaryRuth’s product line of delicious vitamins and supplements for all life stages is available at Whole Foods Market, Amazon, Walmart, Target, Vitamin Shoppe,

Kroger, H-E-B, and more. Take control of your health and move forward every day here: https://www.maryruthorganics.com/