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From Day to Night: How to Style a Satin Midi Dress

Satin midi dresses are super stylish right now. These gorgeous pieces are a staple for your closet and can easily be worn both day and night. You just need to know how to style the dress to suit whichever time of day you wear this comfortable look. Read on for must-have tips to styling a satin midi dress whether you’re wearing it to work or attending a concert.

Cozy Chic to Stylish Nightwear Layering Tips

Throwing a jacket or cardigan over a satin midi dress is a fantastic way to suit the dress for whichever occasion you wear it. The dress alone looks fantastic and is perfect for nighttime wear. To wear this look during the day, consider something casual and comfortable to layer it with.

A cardigan makes a great pairing with a silk dress and instantly dresses down the look. It’s perfect for a weekend coffee date with a friend or to wear to work. Depending on your style and the time of year, opt for a cropped button cardigan or a long open cardigan. Any style sweater will pair beautifully with the dress. Another casual way to layer your satin midi dress is with a denim jacket. It’s an excellent option for a BBQ or daytime concert.

For more of an elevated daytime look, pair your satin midi dress with a blazer. Oversized blazers are super trendy right now and the dress can also pair well with a traditional blazer. This makes a great option for transitional workwear if a sweater or denim jacket is just a touch too casual for the office.

For nighttime wear, while the dress on its own looks fantastic, you might want to layer for an elevated look or to keep you warm during cold months. A moto jacket or leather jacket creates an edgy, stylish outfit for evening wear. 

Change Up the Footwear

A simple change in footwear is an excellent way to take a satin midi dress outfit from daytime casual to nighttime chic. Whether you throw your evening pair of shoes in your car or keep a pair in your office, it’s just a quick change before you’re ready to enjoy your night.

A satin midi dress on its own often looks pretty elegant but paired with a casual shoe like tennis shoes, sneakers, or casual sandals and it’s instantly a low-key outfit. Change out a casual pair of shoes for strappy slingback heels or pumps to take the look from day to night. Just that one change can instantly transform your look, all with minimal effort.

Casual Layering Options for Daytime

While cardigans and denim jackets are a great choice for daytime layering your satin midi dress, you can add traditional tops over the dress to change up the look. It’s very trendy right now to add a basic tee shirt or button-up top to a satin dress.

A look that’s very 90s and has come back into style is the basic tee shirt with a satin dress slipped over top. Traditionally, the pairs well with a solid neutral-colored tee shirt and a satin slip dress with spaghetti straps. But the possibilities are endless with this one, with many fashionistas changing up the 90s look and mixing colors and dress styles. 

A button-up shirt has a lot of versatility when paired with a satin midi dress. Wear an oversized top in a similar fashion to a cardigan or jacket. Or, throw the button-up on and tie ends together for a cropped style appearance.

Elevate for Evening with Accessories

When paired with a satin midi dress, accessories can instantly elevate the dress for evening wear. Layered necklaces are trendy right now and stylishly suit a satin dress. Layered bracelets make another fantastic addition to the outfit. Jewelry is easy to store during the day and pull out for the evening if you’re not able to make it home for a quick wardrobe change.

Another trendy way to accessorize a satin midi dress is scarves. Tie the scarf in the traditional style around your neck or use it to pull your hair back, either in a ponytail or as a headband. Satin on satin is super chic and will look elegant as your own the night. 


Satin midi dresses are incredibly versatile dresses to have in your wardrobe. You will get plenty of use out of these stunning dresses from a casual outfit for attending a wine tasting to an extravagant wedding at a country club. Enjoy the many stylish looks you can create with a satin midi dress whether you’re wearing it during the daytime or nighttime.