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From Classic Markets To New-Age Crypto, Women Investors Are Innovators 

Cryptocurrency has been one of the business stories of the past three years, with its astonishing highs and lows capturing the public imagination. Due to its digital origins, cryptocurrency has been lauded as accessible to all; despite this, only a fraction of women have been involved. Forbes estimate that just 5% of crypto professionals are women. However, this number really should start growing; both history and the current day show us that women can, and will, play an influential role in investing.

The old commodity markets 

Commodities are a crucial part of the stock market make-up. Despite this, they often receive a little less publicity than flashy tech-related stocks and shares. Women have historically had a hard time in the market; the London Metal Exchange, an expert trading floor dealing with both industrial and precious metals like gold bullion and physical silver once had a single female professional, Bethan Wilde. However, despite the overtly masculine environment of the ring, Wilde was reported by the UK’s Telegraph as leaving due to promotion, rather than being pushed out. Her success is echoed by Wall Street’s Lauren Simmons, a 23 year old trader bucking the trend by competing in a male-dominated arena. While barriers are there, women are clearly succeeding in the classic trading markets and providing inspiration.

Crypto’s inspirational business women 

In the cryptocurrency market, start-ups are dominated by men. Providing an answer to this are a few inspirational business women, but few have been as bold as the UK’s Michelle Mone. A lingerie entrepreneur and member of British Senate equivalent the House of Lords, she partnered with a Dubai-based venture capital firm to launch a bitcoin that has done something a little different to many digital coins. Unlike many coins which are, as the description suggests, only of value digitally and with tithing to currency, Mone’s project can purchase apartments in the UAE. While many coins can purchase a physical equivalent, or small token products, Mone’s coin is the first that has a real-world impact. 

Lending expertise to the industry

One thing that cryptocurrency lacking is a wide base of expertise and a sense of stability. This usually arises from seasoned professionals and a regulatory framework that is not yet present in the industry. Women are, like with real-world applications of cryptocurrency, providing inspiration. In September 2018, Fortune wrote a profile on Kathryn Haun, a USA-based prosecutor for bitcoin related felonies. After giving up her career in law enforcement, she became an investor, and is now considered one of the most important investors. As the Fortune profile outlines, she has brought a unique blend of regulatory sense, experience and assertiveness that is helping her company – and others – to make growth in the crypto arena while remaining secure with regards to the rules.

Women have an important place in investing, despite under-presentation. Despite the small amount of female cryptocurrency investors, all of the signs suggest that they bring the highest quality work. For women looking to get into the coin trading, there are great examples to provide the spark of inspiration needed.