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Four Ways to Welcome Home New Parents

When your couple friends have had a baby, their life has changed forever. Now there is a little bundle of joy to bring them all the wonder and the worry that comes with raising kids. However, at first, it can be hard to adjust to life with a new baby, even for experienced parents. If you are looking for ways you can help welcome home new parents, this guide gives you some tips.

1. Bring Flowers–Bringing home a new baby often means a home filled with presents for the new-born, but what about giving something nice to the parents as well? A floral gift is something that is beautiful to look at and creates a welcoming feel in any room. There are many flower gifts to choose at Scent & Violet Florist.

2.Practical Support– New parents have enough on their plates upon their arrival home, so a nice way to welcome them is to make sure their home is clean and tidy, and the garden lawn is mowed. Sometimes when a woman is inlabor, there might have been the need to make a quick dash to a hospital, leaving some of the household jobs undone. Having a friend do it for them can help lighten the load when they return.

If your parent friends don’t want you to do the housework, then you could offer to do the weekly grocery shop instead, or at least be a helping hand.

New parents can often feel overwhelmed, especially if they have more than one child to look after. A nice welcome home present could be an offer to entertain the older children for a while if needed, to give your friends a chance to put their feet up.

3. Cook Meals– one of the things that new parents might find difficult is having the time and energy to prepare and cook meals. This is where you can really help. Batch cook a few meals that can be frozen, then all your friends have to do is heat them up. Meals to include could be lasagna, shepherd’s pie, spaghetti bolognaise, and vegetable couscous.

If cooking is not your forte, then a gift card for a local takeaway is a great idea. That way new parents can just order in food when they need it.

4. Parent Care Package– having a hamper of soothing products to help new parents is something that is surely welcomed. Select a few that will help new parents relax, such as nourishing body lotion, baby-friendly essential oils, and some scented candles. Some foodie treats are also nice, such as some delicious chocolates or herbal teas.

When there is a new baby, it can be a busy time as well as an exciting one. Lots of friends and relatives will want to visit the new baby, and it can sometimes feel a little overwhelming. You can help make the first few weeks as special as possible by welcoming them home with a few nice gifts, andtelling them that your support is there.