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Foods You Should Never Reheat In A Microwave

The microwave is a wonderful invention that heats our food faster and saves us time. Although almost everyone uses it, not all dishes are microwave friendly. Some dishes can deteriorate, while others can from substances that can be really harmful to our health.

Here is a list of foods for which the microwave is a real enemy:

1. Some vegetables, fruits and mushrooms

– Don’t microwave broccoli because it will lose its beneficial properties. The best way to cook broccoli is to steam it
– Some greens, such as beet leaves, have some properties that can cause fire in the microwave
– Do not cook spinach and beets in microwave. The electromagnetic radiation triggers the formation of harmful nitrosamines that are carcinogenic
– Chili peppers contain capsaicin, and that capsaicin will start to evaporate in the microwave and your room will be filled with acrid smoke as soon as you open the microwave door
– Grapes can be transformed into plasma pieces

2. Meat, Fish and Poultry

– Heating you fish in the microwave will leave you with an unpleasant dish
– Processed meats contain preservatives that transform into dangerous chemical compounds when they’re exposed to electromagnetic radiation.
– If you heat chicken in the microwave, you an end up with a moist, unpleasant chicken coating

3. Pizza, Chinese Food and Rice

– Microwaving pizza isn’t harmful, but you won’t get any joy eating it. The edges will become sticky and moist and the cheese will be become rubbery
– Do not reheat Chinese food in your microwave because you’ll end up with something wet and slimy
– Do not reheat your food in the same containers they were delivered in. Cardboard boxes contain dangerous materials such as wax, plastic, metal, glue or ink and they can start a fire
– If your rice has been at room temperature for a long time or stored in the fridge for more than a day, just throw it away. Rice contains Bacillus cereus, a bacterium that can persist in food and can cause serious poisoning.

4. Liquids, Oils and Soups

– It’s okay to reheat watery soups. On the other hand, thick pureed soups can be a little tricky. The soup will begin to explode with fireworks of soup drops and they’ll splatter all over your microwave. To avoid this, try stirring the soup once every minute or putting a wooden spoon in the bowl
– Don’t microwave coffee, because it will destroy the taste of it
– Baby milk and instant formula don’t heat up evenly when heated in the microwave. It can cause hot spots to appear and they can potentially burn your baby
– Olive, grape, sesame and canola oil are actually fats and they won’t heat up properly in the microwave