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Follow These 5 Steps For a Perfect Makeup Look

The secret to a perfect makeup look is the order of which you apply your makeup products. Learning how to correctly apply your makeup will give you superstar look and flawless face.

Follow these 5 makeup steps and you’ll never go wrong!

1. Base

Clean your face thoroughly. Apply hydrating cream, which will act like a base. Once the cream is fully absorbed into your skin, apply your primer. The primer will act as a barrier between your foundation and face. That same primer will also help you even your complexion and smooth out your skin.

2. Liquid foundation

Once you’re done with applying your primer, it’s time for the liquid foundation. Apply the foundation carefully and pay extra attention on the area between your face and neck.

3. Concealer

The concealer should be applied over the foundation to cover all the imperfections. Apply it with a sponge or brush not your fingers.

4. Powder

The powder is a key to the perfect makeup look. The powder will fixate everything that you’ve previously put on your face and make your makeup last longer. Start applying it on your forehead, down to your nose and cheeks and the area between your neck and face. Remove the excess with a big, fluffy brush.

5. Blush

The blush will make you look fresh and gorgeous. Look straight in the mirror and draw a straight line from your hair line towards your cheekbones.

Following these above mentioned tips might not make you look like the prettiest girl, but you can certainly look better.

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