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Fix Your Teeth with Invisalign

Traditional metal braces do not just look bad, they also are a source of constant irritation due to their metallic construction and can cause visits to an orthodontist quite regular for a patient. To solve this problem and to make it easier and cost effective as well as comfortable for the patients, dentists’ world over churned out an effective solution through an innovation that goes by the name of Invisalign, people can read some brief description and get an idea about the invisalign price by searching for different dentists online in their area.

Custom made through 3D printing technology, Invisalign has become a savior for millions of patients worldwide. As the name goes, once it is fitted on to the teeth, it is practically invisible and fits on snugly onto one’s teeth. Each of the pieces of this remarkable piece of innovation is made up of a proprietary material that is multilayered and it gently shifts the teeth over to where it should be, over time, without the social agony of being visible in braces and deemed of having and exhibiting an abnormality. It moves the teeth horizontally or vertically or even rotates it to its actual position if required.

These aligners are a wonderful and ingenious piece of engineering that is specifically designed to meet the requirement of a particular patient as it applies the right amount of force at the right place till the right time, which is generally two to three weeks.After this duration, the orthodontist sets in a new set of invisalign aligners to further correct the misalignment thereon, following a custom treatment plan. There has been much hype regarding the invisalign treatment in many countries since its launch, but it has particularly gained mileage over the last year or so. It took some time for patients to accept this as a viable solution to their ailment because in healthcare it is really hard to convince patients to adopt new methods when old methods have worked well for quite a considerable period, even with the drawbacks. Some of the people who are orthodox by nature are hard to convince as they do not trust that this new method is a better method in providing the same solution at the same cost or sometimes, even lesser.

The invisalign treatment has taken the dynamics of a hundred year old dentistry methods and turned it into a clearly more effective solution to the problems of misaligned teeth, teeth that are overcrowded or too far apart, bad bites and so on. It is hard to compare the effectiveness of traditional braces to invisalign treatment as because the invisalign treatment has not been around for as long as the braces and so long term data is not available yet. But given the profuse acceptance it has received everywhere it will soon overcome braces’ popularity.