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Five Ways to Choose Your Mindset

Maybe your inbox is piling up, maybe you spilled something on those new pants you love, and maybe the next conference call starts in exactly 3 minutes. As women we try to do it all but sometimes it leaves us  feeling frazzled, vulnerable and overwhelmed. 

It’s time to take control of how we feel and we can start doing that by choosing our mindset each day. To support that choice, Mindset Wellness has created CBD products based on the mindsets: Happy, Calm, Focus, Rest and Health. Each one is specially designed with terpenes and vitamins. 

You may be aware of different CBD brands, but Mindset makes taking CBD easy to understand and enjoy. 

Here’s five ways you can choose your mindset:


Happiness is something you create. Mindset’s Happy CBD products may help you have a positive mindset, which will make you eager to help others, work and complete tasks. Being optimistic also makes you more confident when making decisions. Use Mindset Wellness full-spectrum CBD ’Happy’ Products to improve your mood without experiencing the psychoactive effects of THC. 


Feeling anxious and stressed can cause you to lose focus, negatively affecting your health and decision making. Stress can also lead to emotional and mental burnout and not being able to think clearly, which can affect your productivity levels. Lucky for you, using Mindset ‘Calm’ CBD products may help you keep your mind clear and days calmer. Once you have a clear mind, you can also create a calm space. Surround yourself with things like essential oils or candles, soft light and gentle music to create your own oasis. 


We are expected to be up and about all the time taking care of others, and making sure everyone else is doing ok. But what about us? It’s time to choose rest. Think about all those days you did a full day’s work with little to no sleep. Lots of mistakes, feeling groggy and anxious? Getting a full night’s sleep is proven to make us more productive; however sleep doesn’t come easy to many of us. This is where Mindset ‘Rest’ CBD products come in handy. They are infused with melatonin, vitamin B12 and the terpene caryophyllene which also may have a relaxing effect. Also try avoiding screen time up to an hour before bed and create a bedtime selfcare routine that you repeat every night. 


Switch your coffee for Mindset Wellness ‘Focus’ CBD products if you’re looking to be alert, without the jitters, restlessness, or lack of focus that too much caffeine can cause. Once you’re focused, you can do anything and achieve all your goals. Now set down your phone, tune out of social media, and tackle that to-do list! 


We can all use some immune support to help get us going! Time to grab the Mindset ‘Health’ CBD products. Infused with the terpene humulene, Mindset health gummies and drops may help with inflammation and pain. In addition, they add Vitamin D for an overall boost. Also try adding movement to your day, even a 20 minute walk can do wonders. 

It’s all about making a choice, now it’s time for you to choose your mindset. Shop Mindset Wellness now and save 20% with code WOMENS20 today!