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Five Ways Your Brain Plays Tricks

It is interesting how we are unknowingly influenced. For example, drunk tanks in some jails are painted bright pink, which scientists say that can calm down the inebriated people. Here are few more sneaky facts on how your brain plays tricks.

Closeup of a happy young woman smiling isolated on white backgro

  1. You prefer right-handed words

Because most people are right-handed, we are drawn to words that mostly use letters on the right-hand side of the keyboard. If you ask English speakers if they like left words, such as abracadabra or right words like lollipop, they tend to prefer the latter.

  1. Being in a group makes you less helpful

The `diffusion-of-responsibility` principle means you are less likely to help a stranger if there are lots of people around. Why? When there are lots of onlookers, we assume someone else will take responsibility, so it is more likely no one will bother.

  1. You are more attractive in red

An online-dating experiment showed that changing nothing about your profile, but the color you wear can affect your success. Researches digitally altered profiles and found women were more popular when they wore red than other colors. It is thought to be because in nature, displays of red (think the flush you get when you meet a hot man…) are linked to arousal.

  1. Eyes make you more honest

A study found that people put more money in an office honesty box if it had a picture of a pair of eyes stuck above it. The mere thought of being watched makes us behave better: pictures of eyes around cities can actually reduce crime.

  1. Men are programmed to die for love

Why do men take risks to impress women? On an evolutionary level, it proves they have enough resources to gamble some of them, which somewhat explains why men are three times more likely to die of accidental causes than women. Rather you than us, guys…