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Five Things you Need To Know About Rhinoplasty

Getting a rhinoplasty is a bold move. And because it is a surgical intervention, it’s important to do your research and know what you’ll be up against before and after the surgery.

And did you know that rhinoplasty is one of the most common surgical interventions people undergo in North America?

This makes it a sought after procedure in the United States and Canada, with the only difference is that Canada is much more affordable, so many Americans go to the north to get their nose job done.

So, let’s go over five things that you need to know about rhinoplasty before getting it done.

And we kick the list off with doing good research.

It’s always best to know the procedure inside and out. While you may not be a doctor, knowing how the surgery should take place can help you with noticing red flags from early on and save you from trouble.

On top of that, knowing what you’ll have to do before and after the surgery can also help you with faster recovery and better results once the nose job has healed. Head over to spamedica.com for more information regarding the procedure and more important information about rhinoplasty.

But did you know that there are two different types of rhinoplasty?

Yup, you’ve got closed rhinoplasty and open rhinoplasty and both vastly differ.

The first type is much more gentle to the nose, and most patients can go to work just after a week of getting a nose job. It also depends on the individual and the technique of the surgeon, but the swelling is so minimal after a week, that most patients can’t even notice it.

Basically, closed nose jobs don’t require the cutting of soft tissue on the face and that’s why you don’t get a scar after the operation.

Open rhinoplasty is the old-school way of getting a nose job. Because of that, the swelling can remain for more than two months after the intervention.

But it’s also good to know that rhinoplasty takes a lot of time to heal.

To fully heal after a nose job, most people’s body need up to a year. That doesn’t mean that you’ll have visible swelling for the next 365 days, but rather that soft tissues can just take a lot of time to heal properly.

In order to see the full result of rhinoplasty it just takes time.

And you’ll also have to do a bit of before care.

Most surgeons will require you to not smoke, drink coffee or alcohol for about a month before the operation.

This is a preventative measure to reduce swelling and the possibility of infection to the wound during the healing process.

And, to be honest, the pain isn’t that bad.

Yes, rhinoplasty can feel overwhelming at first, but it isn’t also that bad. Although there will be swelling and bruising most patients undergoing nose jobs feel pretty comfortable after the intervention and can get along with their day without minding the pain.