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Five of the Latest Ladies’ Footwear Fashion Trends: Step into These!

 It will be easy to stay in step with the latest and hottest women’s footwear fashions of 2018 because there are so many trends to tap into this year. What a variety in “it” shoes and styles this year! You’re bound to find a footwear fashion trend that suits you to a tee.

Here are five of the hottest shoe styles and types you’ve got to get your feet in this year:


It’s not just for cowboys. Western boots are what’s happening! Whether you choose ankle booties or the full boot style, you can wear these with jeans, dresses, skirts … even shorts. There are cowboy boots for women with the traditional cowboy-style stitching and others with a sleeker, cosmopolitan look. Either look works. Oh yeah … it’s a thing! If you haven’t already, you’ll see it soon enough – and you’ll see it everywhere. You’ll be able to buy a great pair of western boots in most places you already buy your shoes.

Western boots became a big “thing” for a while around 1980, the year that the romantic drama “Urban Cowboy” was released in American movie theaters. After that movie, the world clamored for the look made cool by Urban Cowboy lead actors John Travolta and Debra Winger. They probably don’t still have those boots. But you can bet they’ll get some western boots and work this trend like a part-time job!


Here’s an example of the variety in the footwear fashion trends. Western boots can be hot at the same time as kitten heels. Don’t get it twisted; High heels still rule. No one would dare turn a nose down at a hot pair of high-end stilettos.

But you will see a lot of kitten heels (some even with square toes) clawing their way back into the top trends to watch this year. This is an attractive and comfortable shoe style that seamlessly takes you from work to after-work events and still look chic.

Again, you’ll find your kitten heels in all of the same places you get your other heels and pumps.


It’s all about the high-end kicks. Specifically, this trend is all about the cool “dad” sneakers, and the futuristic-looking sneakers.

Meghan Markle, soon to be a princess once she marries Great Britain’s Prince Harry this month, was recently spotted leaving a private exercise class at Kensington Palace while wearing a pair of the Nike Cortez sneakers. Meghan rocked the look. And, if sneakers are good enough to be a fashion-forward footwear trend for a princess-to-be, it’s good enough for the rest of us.

You won’t find great-looking options for high-end sneakers that make a statement and are on-point with the trend just anywhere. Save yourself some time and check out retailer Stadium Goods. Unlike most other retailers, Stadium Goods specializes in upscale sneakers and footwear. You’ll find a lot of choices there for the cool “dad” sneakers, and futuristic sneakers.


See-through or clear elements of clothing, including shoes, are a major trend now and likely into the rest of the year. You may see dress shoes – heels, pumps, and yes … kitten heels, sandals, and probably some sneakers with the PVC/clear detailing on them.

Most retailer will hop on this trend, and footwear with this detailing will likely be available everywhere. But the detailing will probably look the most attractive on high-end shoes. Be on the lookout for bargains and sales, as retailers look to move spring merchandise out and cruise into summer. There’s an excellent chance you’ll continue to see this detailing on fall and winter shoe lines.


I’m not stringing you along on this one. This Fall, the criss-cross laced dress shoes will be a super-stylish must-have pair of the season. For the most part, the look will be on high heels, boots, or even – you guessed it … kitten heels. And the variations on this style will be eye-catching. You’ll definitely want more than one pair.

You’ll find this look on footwear sold by an assortment of retailers, and it shouldn’t be a problem to find a pair that fits your foot, your style, and your budget.



And I mean BIG bows will adorn footwear later this year. Among the popular looks will be the romantic ribbon starting at the show tied into big bows around the ankle, maybe even higher. You might also see big bows on flat shoes (think ballerina shoe style), sandals, high heels, kitten heels, sandals, and even laced in string-up velvet sneakers.


In general, ladies shoes in bright colors will be in style. They never really go out of style. It’s all a matter of what you wear with them. But be prepared to see a lot of shoes and boots in bright red, hot pink, and lilac.

So, if you want to be in step with the latest ladies’ footwear fashions in 2018, keep these trends in mind. You can’t lose with trends that include sneakers, and inadvertently gets a royal endorsement.

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