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Five Festive Nail Ideas For The Holidays

If you are someone who is looking to spice up your holiday look you have to look no further because we have the nail perfect  gel polish ideas for you. Just scroll below and get your mind blown with these amazing nail art ideas that you would surely love.

The Perfect Looks For The Holidays

1) Christmas #1: Christmas is all about going red. Wearing a red sweater and getting the red Santa hat isn’t enough. Now you need to get red nail paint as well. Simply applying red nail polish may sound good enough but wait till you hear how you can create a perfect look with this red nail polish. It’s going to be the easiest look you’ve come across.

Step 1: Apply red nail paint to all your nails.
Step 2: Apply white nail paint to the tip of your nails, just the way you apply it for a French manicure.
Step 3: Draw white polka dots on all your nails
Step 4: Draw a snowman on only one of your nails

2) Christmas #2: This is called the candy cane look and it is very simple and easy to follow.

Step 1: Apply Red nail paint to all your fingers.
Step 2: Take a white nail paint and make white stripes on your nails.

3) Christmas #3: We have another very creative yet easy look for Christmas that comes in handy if you start your preparation at the last minute and have less time on hand.

Step1: Apply white nail paint on one hand.
Step 2: Apply green nail paint on the other hand.
Step 3: Draw trees with green nail paint on the hand that has white nail paint on it.
Step 4: Draw white lines on the nails that have a green base.

4) Easter: Prepping your nails for Easter is going to be very simple and funky with the following idea. If you’re someone who loves colors you are going to love this idea. All you have to do is follow the few steps listed above to re-create this design.
Step 1: Apply different color nail paints on all your fingers. It is entirely up to you, you can apply any color you like.
Step2: Use white or grey nail paint and make the Easter bunny’s ears on any of the fingers of both hands. You can make the ears with different colors as well but we would suggest that you get the best results with white or grey nail paint.

5) Coachella: Coachella is all about colors. The more creative you get with your look the better you look. For Coachella, we have the perfect idea which anyone can learn because of how easy it is.

Step 1: take any nail paint that matches your outfit. Apply it on half of all your nails. Leave the other half of your nail empty. To make this application easy you can put tape on one side of your nails.
Step 2: take another nail paint that you think will look nice with the one you have applied before. apply this nail paint on the other half of your nail.
This gives your look the pop of color you want.

Exploring More Ideas

The different looks listed above are very simple and easy to re-create. You don’t have to be a pro at nail art to be able to get your nails ready for the holidays. All you need it to be a bit creative, you can play around with these looks and add your touch to them as well.