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Five Common Summertime Spending Mistakes – And How to Avoid Them

Summer is probably the most easygoing and joyous season of the year. The sun, outdoor activities, fresh foods, vacation time – these are only a small part of what makes us happy during this time of the year. We can become so filled with a carefree feeling that spending habits tend to run a little rampant. If every penny counts for you, it’s time to learn about the most common summertime spending mistakes as well as the ways to avoid making them while still enjoying the best that the summer has to offer.

1. Spending too much on fruits and vegetables

We all love summer for the opportunity to enjoy healthy, fresh, and juicy gifts of nature. Of course, in the summer they are much cheaper than during other seasons, but you may actually be wasting more money. Because of the heat, fresh produce tends to go bad much quicker, so you may end up throwing out more than expected.

Solution: Try to grow your own fruits and veggies! Don’t get overwhelmed – trying to plant a large garden or orchard in the backyard, especially when you have never done this before, can be very costly. Not to mention it’s very hard work! Instead, grow a few leafy greens in pots on the windowsill. Greens, such as lettuce or tomatoes, will be an excellent choice to start. Growing plants to eat at home can cost you less than the daily purchase. Besides, you can harvest as much as you need and give the rest to friends!

2. You didn’t prepare for your vacation in advance

Summer is the height of vacation time, where everyone wants to take off a week or two and spend it at the beach. On the other hand, summer is the most costly period for travelers, especially if you leave for a trip at the last minute.

Solution: To prevent your summer vacation from blowing a hole in your budget, try to schedule your vacation for May or September. During these months, you can come across the best prices for hotel rooms, flights, and car rental. Besides, you will not be hampered by hundreds of other tourists.

If you decide to take a summer vacation, think about all the details of your trip beforehand. When you purchase tickets for a plane and book a hotel a few months in advance, you can save up to 25%. If possible, try to plan departure and arrival in the middle of the week since plane tickets are more expensive on weekends. Also keep in mind that it’s always more beneficial when you pay for tickets online, especially if you use a no fee bank.

3. You consume too much electricity

Unbearable heat can spoil your summer mood, which is when we all strive to cool down in any possible way. However, it’s possible to survive hot months without any air conditioners and fans! You don’t need to turn your house into a giant freezer to get some relief, especially if it can cause a breach in your wallet.

Solution: Take advantage of cold nights and open the windows to cool down your house. During the day, pull the curtains shut so the sun rays don’t heat the room. In addition to curtains, you can use special paper to darken the windows – it’s an excellent budget-friendly option! Also make sure that the cold air doesn’t come out of the window and doorway gaps.

4. You don’t make use of free entertainment

With outdoor events, movie screenings, pop ups, carnivals, and lots more, there is no lack of entertainment in summer. This also means that there is a huge temptation to spend a little more than you should.

Solution: Free (or almost free) events can save you a lot of money. Make a plan of how you can spend summer weekends in advance. By doing so, you will have less reason for boredom, and as a consequence, there will be less unforeseen expenses. Found out what outdoor events are going to be held in your city (concerts, festivals, shows, etc.) and take note of them.

5. Your car devours your budget

A car is not the most budget-friendly type of transport. In addition, in the heat many drivers turn on air conditioning, which makes each trip even more expensive.

Solution: Summer is the best time to live without a car. If your work is close to home, you can commute by bike. You will also be able to look at your city in a different way since there’s no need to use the same route every day. When the weather is good, try to walk more. Not only will you save on fuel but you’ll also be able to keep yourself in good shape. In addition, physical activity in the open air can even replace an expensive gym subscription, saving you big bucks every month.

We hope this summer becomes the time of your life without breaking the bank! Just try to look at some things from a different perspective and you’ll succeed at saving cash for your next vacation.