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First Day Vitamins

Not all people know that nutrition is critical to health and development. It should be incorporated into every aspect of human living, from infancy to adulthood. Suppose people paid more attention to what they consume. In that case, that will lead to improved infancy, better child health, an excellent immune system, reduced risk of cardiovascular diseases and diabetes, and longevity. The reality is that properly nourished kids have better learning capacities and adults get more productive.

Unfortunately, many people from around the world suffer from malnutrition and overnutrition. Malnutrition is serious when your daily diet doesn’t contain the right nutrients. Malnutrition has been a global problem for ages, and it can cause hazardous health symptoms such as feeling weaker, poor concentration, getting ill often, cold, etc. People who don’t consume enough nutrients experience weight loss, vitamin and mineral deficiency, and a low body mass index.

On the other hand, overnutrition is an imbalance that occurs from excessive intake of nutrients. This condition is also unhealthy because it leads to obesity, accumulation of body fat, and serious health conditions.

The Importance of Supplements

If you experience malnutrition or overnutrition or want to add some extra nutrition to your diet, it’s important to consider consuming supplements. Nutritional supplements contain vitamins and minerals that will ensure that you’ll get a healthy supply of nutrients. These supplements can also do wonders for your overall look and mental health, and they’ll even help you sleep better.

If you’re unsure which supplement brand to try, we suggest getting First Day to get all the good nutrition you need. This company is dedicated to providing the best supplements on the market, ensuring everyone gets all the incredible benefits from their products. The company was self-funded by Alice Li, a Yale University graduate who was on a mission to educate the industry that has a negative reputation. Alison’s idea is to create products that all family members can use, not just sell junk to people. First Day’s goal since day one has always been to support everyone in raising healthy and happy families.

Learning the cruel reality that 93% of American citizens suffer from vitamin deficiency, First Day worked closely with experts from Harvard and Yale to design products that will be a great addition to your daily habits.
The company uses the most absorbable forms of vitamins. If you’re not sure what this means, know that the greater the absorption level-the easier it will be for our bodies to process the nutrients.

If you’ve tried other gummy supplements, you’re probably aware of their sugary taste. That’s because most supplements are packed with sugar. That’s not the case with First Day’s products because they contain 50-80% less sugar.

All the products are made from a blend of 12 organic fruits and vegetables that will help you improve your overall health and wellness. The company is aware that overnutrition is as alarming as undernutrition; that’s why they aim for only 12 nutrients to be included in every gummy–12 ingredients our body needs.

First Day offers 5 supplement products: Women’s Daily Supercharge, Men’s Daily Provision, Teen’s Daily Kickstart, Kids Daily Essentials, and Joint Support.

Women’s Daily Supercharge and Men’s Daily Provision are created to support the mental, emotional, and physical health of women and men over the age of 17. These supplements will give you the daily boost of energy you need to make it through your day.

Teen’s Daily Kickstart and Kids Daily Essentials are organic ingredient supplements designed for kids over the age of 4 and teens between the age of 13-17. The product is formulated with simple ingredients and a taste your kids will love.

The Joint Support is designed to support joint health and mobility and reduce joint inflammation and pain.
All the products are allergen free and contain only the good stuff your body needs to thrive.

First Day is also an eco-friendly company that strives to reduce plastic waste. That is why they offer refillable packets for their monthly subscriptions.