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Are Fireplaces Environment-Friendly And Safe For Children

During cold seasons, we all want to keep our homes warm and cosy. For the longest time, fireplaces have been the first go to solution. Whether traditional or modern eco-friendly fireplaces, they have served us just fine until now. At some point most people ask themselves just how safe fireplaces are, not just environmentally but also physically. The question is even more burning if you have children. As a parent, your top most priority is to protect your children, even if it’s just from a fireplace.

Today, there are many fireplace options to choose from. Ranging from traditional wood fireplaces to electric ones, gas fireplaces to ethanol ones ; they all come with their pros and cons. Some of which have arguably been said to have serious health and environmental implications. This has lead to the conception of other safer options for example electric ones.This article focuses on electric fireplaces explaining the most important aspects surrounding it from safety to efficiency.

How Energy Efficient Are Electric Fireplaces?

Electric fireplaces are one of the most effective ways to heat your home without much of a struggle. They get you heated way much faster than traditional fireplaces. In less than two hours, an electric fireplace will get a room quite well heat up.It doesn’t take much energy to run one of these installations. With gas and traditional fireplaces, you spend so much on wood, coal and gas. An electric fireplace will cost you significantly less, while simultaneously getting the work well done.Compared to other types of fireplaces, the electric one is considered among the most effective. Why, you may ask yourself.

Well, there are plenty of reasons why all of which are based on facts. On top of the list is their low installation cost. Unlike traditional and gas fireplaces which need chimney and gas pipe installation, all you need for an electric on is an electric plug. How easy is that?Electric fire places are also very low maintenance. They are free of most hassles that come with some of the other fireplaces. You don’t have to worry about cleaning up ash from the fireplace, or ventilation for excess fumes in the house.

An electric fire place is rather pleasant to have around as it has very little work encompassing it.You health is also another reason why an electric fireplace is the better option. They emit no fumes or particles that may be a health hazard to anyone in the room. This makes them as environmentally friendly as they get.Am sure by now you cannot wait to get your hands on one of these. The market has a lot of makes and designs to offer when it comes to electric fireplaces. The quality is however not always the best. The following are some of the best electric fireplaces in the market right now. Any of these would make a good choice.


The Touchstone Onyx Wall-mounted Fireplace, This is one of the best electric fireplaces can buy currently. Besides from being modern and attractive, it comes with two(dual) heat settings allowing you to adjust to your preference. You can also adjust the level of brightness it emits. It’s pretty convenient as it blends in perfectly with modern home decor. It’s bound to be a worthy purchase.

Moda Flame Houston Fireplace Another great option when you’re looking to buy an electric fireplace. Being one of the best as well, it comes with three heat settings( high, low and flame only), a fan and brightness controls. It also has a timer enabling you to control how long the fire stays on even in your absence. Finally, it makes a pretty neat addition to any room adding a touch modernity.

Southern Enterprise Calvert Fireplace, It is perfect for a living, family or media room. It is a stand alone piece, meaning it can also serve as a stand. It comes with a remote control making it easy to control it. In case it overheats, it automatically shuts down and goes back on once cool enough. You don’t have to worry about your kids and pets getting injured; the glass and mantel piece remain considerably cool.It’s design adds simple elegance to any room.

How Well Do Electric Fireplaces Effectively Heat A Room

Quite a number of people believe electric heaters do not give off enough heat. That is less of fact and more of misconception. Electric fireplace makes any room warm enough for comfort. It may not necessarily overheat the room but that doesn’t make it any less effective. Ultimately, it saves people from having to overdress while indoors. That means it keeps the temperatures at a comfortable level. It also gets the job done while saving energy costs.

Just How Safe is it When it Comes To Kids

Knowing children, some house appliances can prove hazardous to have around them. Fireplaces can be rather dangerous because it may cause injury to kids especially when on. Whether it’s a burn or a scratch from the fireplace equipment, the risk is always there.However electric fireplaces are one of the safest choices especially with children around. It generally keeps it’s glass and walls cool even when on.

When put off, its parts remain cool ; no harm will come to your children even if they touch it.They also come with timers that make it possible to control how long they stay on. You can always turn it off when you’re not around but your children are. The glass cover is another additional safety feature. It keeps little ones from the dangerous parts of the fireplace.It is also important to remember it doesn’t emit any toxic gases that may cause health complications. Like mentioned earlier, electric fireplaces are environmentally friendly.


In a pool of possible alternatives, electric fireplaces meet almost all standards that a person would usually look for when considering a fireplace purchase or installation. Cost and energy efficiency, low maintenance, relatively affordable, eco-friendly and safe around children. It is the whole package. Although some people may argue it doesn’t heat enough, it keeps the house warm without making it feel like a furnace. With all that said, an electric fireplace will without a doubt serve you long and incredibly well.