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Find the Best Summer Tee: 5 Qualities to Look For 

Summer is here and it’s time to hit the gym, the beach, the pool, and the club. Summer time is a season to get out and about and the tee shirt you choose should be anything but basic. 

Graphic tee shirts for men are an exciting, fresh, and comfortable way to up your style game this summer, wherever you go. A simple tee is the most versatile clothing item in your arsenal! Wear it to the gym when you want a bit more flair to catch someone’s eye. Throw it on with your swim trunks to go from beach to bar in style. Wherever you wear it here are 5 qualities to look for when shopping of the perfect graphic tee:

1. High Quality Materials 

Before adding any graphic tee to your cart make sure that it’s made with high quality materials. The coolest looking shirt can become the biggest disappointment when it shrinks, fades, or the design cracks after its first wash. 

A 100% cotton tee shirt is the most likely to shrink in the wash. So while you may be excited to find a shirt you know will be soft and breathable, it may not last the way you want it to. 

Look for t’s made with a cotton and polyester blend. This will last longer, the graphics will print on the material better, and it still has the soft, buttery, and breathable feel of cotton. Summer time gets hot! So finding the perfect poly-cotton blend graphic tee will ensure you stay cool (literally and figuratively) and comfortable all summer long. 

2. Unique Artwork/Design 

Say goodbye to basic and boring tee shirts with an exciting and unique graphic tee. Look for sites that have a wide range of graphics and artistic styles. 

Take a look at Into the AM. These tees are the perfect fit for summer. Plus they have so many original and unique graphics. They work with a licensed team of talented designers, so you literally can’t find these graphic t’s anywhere else. 

With Into the AM you can literally find a shirt for every mood. Find yourself a cool, casual, and original graphic tee that you can express yourself in no matter where you are. Be a conversation starter on the dance floor at the festival or in line at the grocery store. 

A cool graphic tee lets you wear art on your body. There’s no cooler way to express yourself. 

3. Tailored Fit 

Look for a graphic tee that is tapered but also cut in a way that could fit on multiple body types. 

These slight tapered graphic tees never look baggy or oversized. Whether you are a string bean, swol, or a big bear of a dude –  a well tailored tee will show off your assets in just the right way. Plus when your clothing fits better you just feel better.

No one wants to be constantly adjusting a shirt that fits too tight or is way too large. Finding a brand like Into the AM with comfortable, tapered, graphic tees that fit multiple body types is a gamechanger. Their shirts are tailored through the chest and shoulders with a casual draping fit around your midsection. Show off the parts that make you feel the most confident, in a fun and fresh graphic tee!

4. Eco-Conscious Manufacturing 

When we buy clothes without doing research we can unconsciously do serious damage to the environment. Fast fashion practices increase waste in landfills, add toxic chemicals to the water supply, and create microplastics. 

Seek out companies, like Into the Am, who practice sustainability and are transparent about lessening their environmental footprint. Unlike other graphic tee companies and fast fashion brands who aren’t transparent about what materials go into their products, Into the AM  is upfront about using eco-friendly ink. This will decrease the amount of toxic waste that gets pumped into our water supply year after year. 

When companies are transparent about making an effort to help our environment you can have a better sense of the quality they provide. Also these companies are usually more transparent about working conditions in their factories as well. When you support a company that cares you’ll feel better showing off your graphic tee and recommending the brand to others.  

5. Satisfaction Guarantee 

When ordering a new graphic tee online look for companies that provide a satisfaction guarantee. Ordering something online and being disappointed in the product always sucks– especially when you then discover they have bizarre return or exchange policies. 

When shopping for sick graphic t’s from Into the AM you’ll have hassle free returns and exchanges and a 30 day money back guarantee. 

No matter where you head this summer, wearing a graphic t from Into the AM is sure to turn some heads.