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Feel Like a Queen on your Wedding Day – How to Create the Perfect Wedding Dress

Getting married is one of the most important parts of one’s life. Although the wedding day is for the bride and the groom it’s mostly a chance for the lady to create a magical day for her & her partner.

If you’re one of those women who has been dreaming of her wedding day ever since you were a little girl you’ll plan everything down to the finest detail. Your wedding dress is no exception. It’s guaranteed you’ll want a magnificent wedding gown that fits your style and your figure. But how do you create your dream wedding gown? If you’re unsure on how to create your wedding dress masterpiece consult a wedding dress designer.

With someone who lives for wedding dress creativity, you’re able to exchange ideas of what you’re looking for. Here are some ideas that may inspire you to create the perfect wedding dress.

What’s Your Style?

Every woman has a different taste in fashion. This means that simply buying a wedding dress from a boutique may not be the perfect fit for you. Go through your cupboards and take a look at your fashion sense. This will give you an idea of what compliments your body.

For example, if you don’t like halter neck tops because you believe it makes your shoulders appear broader, then opt for a dress with thin straps. Some people that follow specific subcultures such as steampunk or Goth have precise fashion preferences such as corsets, earth tones and lacey fabrics.

Sharing about your own fashion style can help your wedding dress designer know more about what you’ll love to wear.

Why You Should Opt for a High-Quality Designer

You may find a wedding dress you love in a bridal shop but does it fit your size? Altering existing wedding dresses are optional but will it be you? Having a custom made designer wedding dress is suitable because it’s tailored to your exact measurements.

There’s also a way you can create body illusions with custom designs. Perhaps you have a smaller bust and you’d like to look more filled out. You’re able to do this by integrating extra padding into the dress’s bust area.

Or perhaps you want to accentuate your hourglass shaped waist. There are ways to create a dress that compliments your figure. However, this can sometimes only be done if your dress is handmade according to your exact body type.

Selecting the Correct Colour Fabric

Some women want pure white gowns but others want extra colour. If you’re the type of woman who loves to play around with colour you may want to go overboard with your combinations. But will this suit your skin tone?

Colours to Select for Dark Skin Tones

The best way to pick the colour fabrics for your wedding dress is to see what colours complement the tone of your skin. If you have a dark skin tone you’re in luck! Almost any colour will suit you. Try fabrics in platinum gold, peachy pinks and pearly white colours. This enhances your skin tone and gives you an elegant radiance.

Colours to Select for Medium Skin Tones

If your skin tans easily without becoming red, chances are you have a medium skin tone. Fabrics that complement medium skin toned girls are the following:

  • Fabrics in the colour champagne
  • Neutral pinks
  • Creamier colours like ivory
  • Pearly white wedding dresses

Colours to Select for Fair Skin Tones

For people with fair skin, ivory or yellow fabrics will complement you as these colours give you a soft and warm glow. You should avoid plain white wedding dresses at all costs because it will make you look washed out in your wedding photos.

Sometimes combining light colours with a darker fabric can create a beautiful contrast. Use a neutral champagne colour with a bold crimson cloak for a two-toned effect.

Create a Dress According to Your Body Type

Another common wedding dress disaster is a garment that simply doesn’t complement one’s figure. As mentioned before it’s essential to have a dress custom made as it will be tailor-made to fit you. The reason why this works is because every woman has a different body type.

Pear Shaped Triangular Body Types

Women with pear or triangular bodies will have small shoulders and fuller waists. This means you should enhance your neckline. Dresses with deep necklines with no straps work well for this body shape.

To balance it out wear a sash or implement eye-catching beads

Apple Shaped Body Types

You may have an apple body shape if you’re fuller in the waist area with thin arms and legs. To complement your figure select a dress with the following features:

  • Deep V-neckline
  • Bodices with embellishments
  • Higher waistline
  • Select a flared skirt

Hour Glass Body Types

If your shoulders are the same width as your hips you have an hourglass body type. Select a dress with sweetheart, V-neck or halter neckline. Your dress should have a low dropped waist as it will accentuate your curves.

Final Thoughts

Make your wedding day feel like a fairytale. Select a wedding dress designer that will implement the above ideas to create the ultimate outfit for your special day. Because you deserve to feel like the queen you are.