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Fasting with Coconut Water

Fasting is a great way to do a body detoxification. It will help you get rid of all the toxins accumulated in your body. During the fast, you’ll be eating light food and drinks and that will have put minimum pressure on your digestive system. Coconut water fasting will help you heal your body and at the same time remove all the toxins in your body. Coconut water fasting is done by drinking just coconut water and water.


– Coconut water is rich in minerals, proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins. All these nutrients help your body heal.

– Coconut gives your body sufficient energy. You’ll feel energetic to do all your daily chores.

– Coconut water is really pure, during this fast you’ll be drinking one of the purest form of water.

– Coconut water has a cleansing effect on your body.

– Coconut water contains electrolytes that will help your nerves, heart and other muscles function properly.

– You can do the coconut fasting only one day or you can do it a whole week. It all depends on you.

The Best Coconut Water For the Fast

– Coconut water from a green, immature coconut. An immature coconut has lots of coconut water and it’s most delicious.

– Coconut water from a brown, mature coconut.

– Packaged coconut water. Choose a good brand if you use packaged coconut water.

Extra tips:

Remember that young, immature coconut produces more water than brown, mature coconut which produces more meat.

One young coconut contains coarsely 140 calories, 28 gr. carbohydrates, 2 gr. fiber, 3 gr. fat, and 2 gr. protein.

One mature coconut contains coarsely 1405 calories, 60 gr. carbohydrates, 36 gr. fiber, 133 gr. fat, and 13 gr. protein.

The flesh of a brown coconut contains mostly saturated fat (1 cup of meat it is equal to 283 calories and 26.8 gr. of fat), it is an MCT (medium chain tryglyceride) which is broken down much faster than long chain fatty acids (which can be find in approximately all other saturated fats). Studies have shown that MCT’s can help to lower cholesterol levels by raising good cholesterol (HDL). But this fat is used by your body immediately instead of storing it for later use, and that is why is good for weight loss.

Your Routine During the Fast

During the fasting, coconut water must be the only thing going into your stomach.

Drink 1.5-2 l of coconut water per day. Cut out a fresh coconut and drink the coconut water immediately. Don’t keep the coconut water stored.

Drink lots of water. You must keep your body hydrated because the coconut water is a diuretic.

If you feel that you need to drink or eat something else that coconut water, you can drink a homemade veggies and fruits juice. Don’t eat any hard food during the fasting.

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