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Family Reunion: A Cat Finally Reunites With Her Refugee Family

This is not an ordinary missing cat story.

Kunkush is a beloved member of an Iraqi family. The mother and 5 kids fled Mosul and started their long journey as refugees along with their Turkish Van cat Kunkush.


While the family was riding on a rubber boat from Turkey to Greece in November, the cat got spooked and suddenly disappeared. The Kunkush’s family spent hours looking for their beloved cat, but he was nowhere to be found.

Unfortunately, the family had to keep on moving, but they never gave up hope of being reunited with their little, family member.

Even a poster was created to spread the word!


Kunkush was then spotted in a nearby village. He was taken to the local vet where he got fed and kept safe. He even got a new nickname- Dias.


Kunkush got transported to Berlin and volunteers tried everything to reunite him with his family. Just around Valentine’s day, the volunteers found out that Kunkush’s owners were in Norway and they were still desperately looking for their beloved cat.

The Guardian recorded the emotional reunion between Kunkush and his beloved family who never gave up hope!

The crying mother embraced Kunkush and said to him, “Kunkush, my life”!

The family was finally reunited again and they’re planning to start their new lives in Norway!

Take a look at the incredible family reunion!