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Family Adopts a Girl With Down Syndrome and Photographs Her in Costumes Her Mother Designs

Katya lives in Moscow, Russia with her husband. Two years ago, the couple adopted a baby girl named Lisa that has Down syndrome. The family fell deeply in love with their daughter and you can see that through these incredible images.

Katya has always been creative, so as soon as she got her daughter, she started sewing costumes and flower crowns for her baby girl. Katya also loved photography, so she decided to mix her two talents and create something incredible.

Katya creates the most gorgeous costumes and then photographs her daughter Lisa wearing them.

“As a creative soul, I love to design and sew costumes and flower crowns for my baby girl. Many costumes you see here were handmade by me. As a photographer, I love to create photo stories that show how adorable and loving kids with Down syndrome are, especially my Lisa,” explains Katya.

Take a look at the gorgeous Lisa!