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Falling In Love And Being Attached Does Not Mean The Same Thing – Know The Difference

Love and attachment are two completely different things. Sometimes, we fail to understand the difference between the two and as a result equate one with the other. Love is a profound feeling – it is long-lasting. And whatever lasts long does not always keep you at a perpetual happy high. Love can come with both sadness and happiness. It is inspiring, but this inspiration does not come with just happiness – oftentimes, sadness is more capable of inspiring us. Love is permanent, coming with both the highs and the lows. On the other hand, there is infatuation – or attachment. It’s just a momentary liking and a hope that this liking will keep you attached forever. It cannot last for long – with attachment, you believe that things will be the same, that your partner is perfect. But they are not so – and eventually, you lose out.

So, it is essential for us to understand whether we are in love or just attached to a person.

Here are some of the tips to understand the difference:

1. Easy Attachments

It is very easy to get attached to someone. You just look at someone, find a bit of primitive sexual tension arising between the two and there, you are attached to the person. And once that tension gets loose, you break up – it doesn’t hurt too much. The same is not the case with love. Love will leave you with scars that may not mend easily – maybe never ever.

2. Inspiring

Love is all about inspiring you. It opens up new channels in your mind. Love helps you grow and develop new interests. You do not peek into your partner – you study them. You have their best interests in mind along with what you want. Compromises are a part of love. However, in case of attachment, you can become a bit selfish. You think of your own side more than the others. It’s more about you and your satisfaction.

3. No Focus

When you are attached to some person, the focus is just on the present. You do not want to focus on the future, because you don’t really think there is any. You don’t feel any complexities popping up and if there are, you don’t really feel the need to deal with it. But with love, things can get complicated. And you have to deal with them – it is the future that you have to look forward to.

4. Freedom

Love is not about being bound by something. It is freedom. If you are in love with someone, then you can go down different paths and follow your dream and not be worried about it. But if you are attached, you have boundaries. You cannot leave each other from your sight, because you are always suspicious about everything.

5. Support

Love is all about supporting each other. If you are struggling with your dreams, your partner is there to help you progress in it. They are there for you to help you with your emotional and well as financial troubles. Attachments are not as supportive. Attachment is mostly about your own self and you won’t be wasting time concerned about your partner.

6. Time Test

Everything we do has its mark in time. Relationships are supposed to pass the test of time. Love is that – it stays for long and it will keep up even when time passes. That’s why it is permanent. Attachment – it passes within a few days or months. It is not meant to last for long.

Love is wholesome – attachment is transitory. Which one will you choose?