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Be Extremely Cautious: 5 Symptoms That Might Indicate a Heart Attack

The main cause of death in the US is a heart attack. The main reason is that people lead a really stressful life and have bad eating habits.

Leading a healthy lifestyle and reducing stress can help you protect your heart but what can also help you are these 5 symptoms that your body shows a month before a heart attack!


Be extremely careful and beware of these 5 symptoms:

1. Fatigue

If you’re sleepy and exhausted all the time that might indicate that your heart is receiving less blood than it needs. Your heart will start pumping more and work harder than it’s supposed to and that might end up with a heart attack.

2. Loss of Breath

When your heart pumps less blood that means that your lungs won’t be able to receive enough oxygen than you normally need. If you’re having trouble breathing, visit your doctor.

3. Weakness

If you feel weak all of the sudden, that might be an indication that your blood flow is bad. Your muscles don’t get enough blood and that might cause a heart attack.

4. Vertigo and Cold Sweat

Bad circulation means bad blood flow to the brain. If you notice that you’re experiencing constant vertigos and cold sweats, rush to your doctor.

5. Pressure in Your Chest

Pressure and intensive pain in the chest area are serious indicators of heart attack.

If you notice any of these symptoms, please contact your doctor and do a check-up.