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The Most Expensive Beauty Treatments in the World

The beauty industry has been setting standards impossible to follow. Every day people invent treatments to make us more beautiful, our skin softer, our look younger and many other things.

Some women would do anything to reach perfection and spend tons of money to achieve it. There are thousands of beauty treatments, simple and extraordinary, and we’re giving you a list of the most expensive and most extravagant.


Plasmolifting is currently the most popular beauty treatment among celebrities. This revolutionary technique includes injecting your own blood plasma, rich in thrombocytes, into the skin on your face. The treatment rejuvenated the skin.

One treatment costs around 1500 dollars.

Crystal Gem Massage

Donald Trump’s hotels offer a precious gem massage that will cost you 300 dollars for 60 minutes. The massage is done with crystals, sapphires and rubies dipped in ethereal oil.

Evian Water Bath

Evian is the most expensive water in the world and beauty specialists have found a way to include it into skin care. Taking a bath in Evian water will cost you 11.000 dollars and you can get it in “Hotel Victor” penthouse in Miami. Serena Williams loves taking Evian baths.

24K gold mask

24k gold mask has an amazing effect on the skin. This treatment includes thorough face cleanse and 24k mask in the shape of face oil. This pleasure will cost you 200-400 dollars.

Cactus Massage

One of the most famous treatments in the “Four Season” hotel is the cactus massage. It might sound painful, but it’s a completely painless procedure. Cactus oil calms and rejuvenates the skin. This pleasure will cost you 400 dollars.