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Exciting Ways to Challenge Yourself This Summer

With the arrival of summer, it’s the perfect time to step out of your comfort zone and challenge yourself physically in new and exciting ways! Whether you’re looking to boost your fitness levels or simply try something new, there are plenty of different activities that can push your boundaries. This article will give you ideas for some of them.

challenges this summer

Walk the Camino de Santiago

One of the most enriching ways to challenge yourself both physically and spiritually this summer is walking a Camino de Santiago pilgrimage route. This network of ancient routes across Europe offers varying levels of difficulty, making it accessible to walkers of all fitness levels. For instance, one of the most popular routes, Camino Frances, is over 800 km long, so it challenges your stamina. The Camino Primitivo, on the other hand, is much shorter (approximately 320 km), but it has a tougher terrain and more solitary landscapes. These routes not only test your physical endurance but also offer a spiritual journey, as you make your way through beautiful landscapes, with no distractions.

Train for a marathon

Running a marathon is a classic test of physical endurance and mental tenacity. Training for a marathon during the summer months provides a structured goal to work towards and is an excellent way to improve your health. Start with a manageable training plan that gradually increases in intensity, and make sure to include recovery days to prevent injuries. The journey from the first run to crossing the finish line is as rewarding as it is challenging!

Explore outdoor rock climbing

For those who enjoy a blend of adventure and physicality, outdoor rock climbing offers an exciting challenge. Unlike indoor climbing, tackling natural rock formations is difficult in more ways than just physically – it requires you to problem-solve and adapt to the unique terrains of nature. Each climb is a unique and highly rewarding experience. Start at a local climbing spot with guides or instructors if you’re a beginner, and progressively move to more challenging climbs as your skills develop.

Engage in water sports

Although water sports is a fun hobby for many, some of it can actually be very physically demanding, as it often works a different set of muscles to what we are used to in the gym. Water sports, such as paddleboarding, wind surfing, kayaking, or rowing can offer adrenaline-inducing challenges to your body, while cooling off in the summer heat. These activities not only provide a full-body workout but also enhance your balance and coordination. It also provides a mental challenge, as you navigate learning a new skill set.

Participate in a cycling tour

Cycling is another fun sport to get into this summer – besides being a great exercise for the body, it is also a way to explore and discover new places around you. If you would like to have a social experience, you could join a cycling group, which does regular tours, leisurely day trips, or intense multi-day challenges. Depending on your interests and fitness level, you can pick the right type of cycling experience to be enjoyable yet physically challenging.

Final thoughts

Introducing new fitness challenges this summer will not only lead to improvements in your physical endurance, but also enrich your life with new experience and adventures. So, embrace these opportunities and discover what you are capable of!