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Excessive Sweating: Signs You May Be Suffering from Hyperhidrosis

Sweating is natural occurrence, but some people suffer from excessive sweating every day, regardless of the weather or how much they’re moving. Known as hyperhidrosis, excessive sweating occurs when the body thinks it needs to produce more sweat than it actually does.

While most people sweat around a litre or two a day, those suffering from hyperhidrosis sweat five times as much as this without exercising, which can be quite uncomfortable and often embarrassing. Armpits are usually the worst offenders, but many parts of the body can end up profusely sweating due to hyperhidrosis.

Many people struggle to understand why they might be sweating so much, with some not even contemplating that it could be due to hyperhidrosis. Itchy palms are a common symptom but there are are many other symptoms that indicate you have hyperhidrosis. Keep an eye out for any of the following:

Irregular Sweating

We all sweat, it’s completely normal, but a sign of hyperhidrosis is when sweating becomes irregular. For instance, most people sweat from physical activity, warm temperatures, and stressful situations, so if you find yourself sweating excessively in the absence of these things, then it could be down to hyperhidrosis.

Basically, keep an eye out for signs of sweating even when you don’t need to regulate your temperature, such as sweating like you’ve just worked out despite not doing any exercise.

Sweating Excessively Daily

Many people are self-conscious about how much they are sweating, but a clear sign of hyperhidrosis is that you become very aware of your sweating patterns every day.

For instance, do you find yourself needing to dry sweat under your arms most days, even when it’s not warm or humid? If so, it may be a case of hyperhidrosis, as your average person doesn’t focus on their sweating habits each day.

Frequently Changing Clothes

If you find yourself frequently changing your clothes because you sweat through them, then the chances are you suffer from hyperhidrosis. Again, while everyone sweats daily, there are few instances (i.e. exercising) where you should be changing your clothes because they are drenched from sweat.

Difficulty Doing Daily Tasks

Does sweating impair everyday tasks? For instance, do you struggle to get a firm grip of a steering wheel or typing at a keyboard due to sweaty palms? If you do find your sweating is getting in the way of normal tasks, there is a good chance it is because you’re dealing with hyperhidrosis.