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Everything You Need to Know About Picking a Louis Vuitton Dupe

LV is a French luxury fashion brand born in 1854. It has emerged as America’s favorite designer label and is the world’s 19th most valuable brand as per a 2010 study. The house sells a variety of products like leather goods, perfumes, trunks, shoes, watches, jewelry and accessories adorned with profit margins north of 30%. The brand is worth $47 billion with ultra-expensive products due to high manufacturing costs. While an LV is a good investment for its market value and elegance, how many of us can purchase the original?

AmazingDupes on Amazon offers classy, low-cost and quality Louis Vuitton dupes. They look and feel just like the original and may command appreciation from fashion experts. These are desirable alternatives when the price tag for the genuine ones is a turn-off. You may pick a variety of colors, sizes and styles in Louis Vuitton dupe crossbody bags. This means there is always the right luxe product for every occasion. If you have been eyeing the first copy, here’s how to pick the right one to avoid counterfeit detection.

The Stitches

These mirror one another on the symmetrical parts and is a certain yellow color on the brown and trim of the leather. You may see slight angles at times since all bags are hand-stitched to luxury. In case all the stitches are perfectly straight, chances are, experts might catch you using a duplicate product. This is because they could be machine made. While picking Louis Vuitton dupe wallets, try to find out if the threads are made from a special resin coating for durability. It also offers a distinct mustard tinge to avoid appearing unsightly.

The Hardware


LV clasps and zippers are on the left and the material is never plastic. The trademark logos are stamped well on the handle rings and are not too deep. The padlocks are made from plated metal and solid brass. The monogram pattern is in the order fleur-de-lis, a circle and fleur-de-lis followed by the LV logo. A good Louis Vuitton dupe crossbody bag is less likely to miss out on these fine details. Your friends or neighbors at a party may never be able to tell it is an imitation of the authentic one.

The Stamping

The base of the ‘L’ is quite short and all ‘O’s are extremely round. The ‘T’s appear as if touching each other but in reality, they do not. The heat stamps centerline is right in the middle of ‘V’ and ‘U’ in Vuitton and is usually inside the bag. The letters are thin and crisp as well which is another tell-tale sign of originality. You must also thoroughly check the letter spacing which might otherwise give away your dupe secret. Louis Vuitton dupes in Amazon 2022 from a good brand will not fail to copy these details.

An original bag will never have loose threads, flakes, uneven stitches and chips. Date codes usually serve as a symbol of authenticity. Make a thorough check to make sure you do not invest in low-quality dupes and end up being embarrassed publicly.