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Everything You Need to Know About Paddle Boarding With Your Kids

Paddle Boarding is a fun activity for both the parents and their kids. Moreover, it can be an excellent way to strengthen the bond between them; just like any other fun activity has been proven to be.

Paddleboarding can be a healthy way of spending time, especially in an age where technology and electronics dominate most of our free time and our lives in general.

But in order to do this entertaining activity with your kids, you need to know a few things first.

1. Acquiring a Paddle Board

The first step to paddle boarding is, of course, buying a paddle board for you and your kids. Top consideration for most parents would be, if it fits their budget. The rest follows like the model, durability, weight and size. Of course, buying a paddle board for every member of the family isn’t that friendly for tight-budget individuals.

Thankfully, you can always purchase a family-sized one or even inflatable paddle boards. To make things better, inflatable youth stand up paddle boards can be easily moved around and are great for kids!

2. Getting Over your Fears of Water

It’s a proven fact that many people are afraid of water. That is especially true for children. In order to fully and truly enjoy this fun activity, one must learn to feel secure around water by being equipped with items to keep you and your children safe. You may have your kids wear arm floats or life vests to keep them safe in case they fall off their boards.

Yes, it may sound harder than it actually is, but the sole act of paddle boarding can help greatly in overcoming this fear. Introducing a fun activity associated with water is a great way to overcome the fear.

You will need to start with still bodies of water, like a pool or a very small lake. As a beginner, you have to know how to keep balance. And removing the great waves of the beach from the equation would help you focus on your weight and balance as you set foot on that board. Practicing on still water would also make it easier for you to assist your kids as you stand effortlessly beside their board or easily reach out to them in case they fall. The still water also prevents them from panicking and think of scary aquatic animals like sharks or big fishes and what not. Warm your kids up by allowing them to have fun on the water before getting them on the board. And as excited as you could be, you may not have them stay on the board during the first try and that’s okay. Forcing them into the activity could just make things stressful than fun. You could also show them how fun it is for you. This usually gets their curious minds going and want to try it too!

Firstly, standing on the board creates a false sense of safety that makes you feel more comfortable around water. In addition, that feeling makes the paddler (in this case the kid) feel connected to nature.

3. Test the Board on Water

The most important thing to know is to when to actually try to paddle board. A paramount thing to do beforehand is to check the weather forecast and confirm that the weather conditions are ideal for the activity. Please keep in mind that you and the kids must be dressed accordingly for the weather conditions and be given a life jacket. It is preferred to make your first tests on hot weather; since the fall is always inevitable, even for the most experienced borders. You can always find many guides on the internet to help you with your first try.

4. Safety Above All

Paddleboarding can be a happy experience, but still has its own dangers. You should always keep an eye on your children, even if they are on the same board with you. Even in calm waters, there is always the danger of falling; as said previously, it’s inevitable.

There are many cases of people falling in the water and not knowing how to get back on the board. So always bring a friend, you never know what may happen.

Paddle boarding can be considered a healthy, relaxing and fun way of spending your time with your family, but like everything, it needs the appropriate care. If you follow these tips, then a great experience for you and your kids is guaranteed.