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Every Nursing Mom Loves To Have A Willow Wearable Breast Pump – Here’s Why

Motherhood is a special part of life for women who choose to have children and start a family of their own. With that being said, many women do find themselves to be quite overwhelmed by all the new things that are thrust upon them. If you are a new mom, or are expecting your first child, there are many things that you will think about purchasing to make your motherhood journey easier.

The truth is that the market is constantly changing and there is always a new tool or toy that you can get. While some things simply aren’t worth it, one thing that really is worth it is getting a fantastic breast pump.

Perhaps one of the most important products that a new mom can buy is a great breast pump that will help keep feeding time easy and efficient while also making sure that discomfort from excess milk will not be too much of an issue. So what are the most important things to know about the best breast pumps such as the Willow wearable breast pump?

What is a Willow Pump?

The Willow breast pump was created to be an all-in-one pump that does not need bottles or chords like other models. The Willow pump was made to fit easily and comfortably into a bra so that it can travel with you and help make your life easier in more ways than one.

Completely hands free

Unlike some pumps that require quite a bit of maintenance and work on your end, the Willow pump allows you to take care of other things like your job, house chores, taking care of your baby, or hanging out with friends without any use of your hands!  Willow was specifically invented so that women would continue their daily routine while using their breast pump.

Not only that, but they are quite affordable, especially with the willow pump promo code.

The most quiet and efficient breast pump

Aside from the Willow being hands free and allowing women to drive, work, or simply relax on the couch while breast pumping, it is also incredibly quiet. If you suddenly need to pump while an emergency meeting happens, the Willow lets you do that without worrying about the sound bothering anyone.

Spill-proof and easy to clean

One of the best parts of the Willow breast pump is that it is spill proof and allows users to easily store breast milk bags in their fridge at home for when they are ready to use.

When it comes to cleaning the breast pump, the Willow is as easy to clean as putting something in the dishwasher. That’s because it’s dishwasher safe! If you would rather wash them by hand, that is also totally okay.

Willow app

The final reason why the Willow breast pump is so great is because it is totally perfect for the 21st century mom. The Willow app is able to sync to your phone so that you can track the amount of milk that you have pumped on each sitting.

Beyond that, the Willow app also alerts users when a bag is full and is able to adjust the power of the suction depending on the amount of milk.