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Erase the Wrinkles in Just 7 Days With This Homemade Face Cream

The aging process has a negative effect on our skin. The face that was once smooth and young becomes old and wrinkled. If you are tired of using the same expensive face products to get rid of wrinkles, without any results, you can prepare your own homemade face cream against wrinkles.


This homemade face cream is simple and yet extremely effective for wrinkle treatment. It hydrates the skin, evens out the skin complexion, reduces the visibility of wrinkles, and slows down the aging process. It is also made from completely natural ingredients which is safe to use. It also suits all types of skin. You will notice the first results in just 7 days.

Recipe for the Homemade Face Cream Against Wrinkles


  • 1 tbsp. almond oil or olive oil
  • 1 yolk
  • 1 tsp. honey
  • 2 tsp. pharmaceutical Vaseline


First melt the Vaseline on steam for several minutes, then remove it from the heat and add the rest of the ingredients. Mix all the ingredients well for several minutes until the mixture becomes homogenous. Pour the mixture into a container, or in an empty face cream box. You can keep your face cream in the refrigerator. Never make a double dose of the cream, because it contains natural ingredients, so always keep it up fresh.

How to use: Apply this face cream on a clean face and massage it slowly and gently for 30 minutes. Then, remove the excess face cream with a cotton pad soaked in mineral (sparkling) water or with a face wet wipe.

Note: Apply the cream to your face at least 2 hours before going to bed. Your skin will need more than an hour to absorb the cream.