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Environmentally Friendly Eco-Fashion That Stands Out

Are you looking for sustainable clothing that caters to your individuality?

Finding eco-friendly fashionable outfits that suit your individual style is not always easy. While more fashion clothing manufacturers are producing clothing that is friendly to the environment, there are still many that need to catch up.

Innitiwear offers a range of eco-friendly clothing that suits the alternative fashion lifestyle. Our sustainable clothing section features designs that use ethically sourced materials that is mindful of the environment

Sustainable Clothing

Sustainable clothing and eco-fashion have become popular in our modern, earth-friendly environment.

What makes this type of clothing sustainable?

Eco-fashion or sustainable fashion refers to clothing that is designed, manufactured, distributed, and used in an environmentally sustainable manner.

Sustainable clothing manufacturing considers issues such as water usage, waste creation, and pesticide usage in growing natural fibres like cotton. The raw materials used in sustainable fashion are free from chemicals and toxins that are harmful to humans and the environment.

Sustainable fabrics are made from natural or recycled materials that are more environmentally friendly. Natural fibres such as cotton, hemp, linen, and wool are biodegradable. Clothes made from recycled fibres use fewer resources in their creation. Recycled fibres include recycled polyester, recycled cotton, recycled wool, and recycled nylon.

Environmentally friendly clothing can also be manufactured using recycled materials like plastic. Tags and packaging can be made from recycled material like paper waste.

Emphasis is also placed on the durability of clothing, by buying things that last longer and recycling clothes that the user no longer needs.

Fashionable Eco-friendly Clothes

Many well-known fashion brands are starting to create eco-friendly clothes made of sustainable materials.

Shoppers concerned about the environment are looking for clothes and accessories that are made with the least amount of harm to the environment. But they also want clothes that are trendy and fashionable.

As a fashion trend, eco-fashion is taking off and many big brands such as H&M Conscious, Levi’s and Polo Ralph Lauren are on board. Consumers are happy to wear clothing and accessories that are fashionable and helps protect the planet at the same time.

Support Sustainable Fashion

You can support the sustainable fashion movement by being more conscious of the brands you choose. In choosing sustainable fashion you can help reduce your environmental footprint. Reduce wastage by recycling or donating your clothes, shoes, and accessories.

Apart from the bigger brands, many online clothing shops offer affordable and fashionable sustainable clothing options.

For casual eco-friendly closet staples like leggings and T-shirts, Innitiwear eco-friendly clothing range has you covered. Our sustainable clothing is handmade using ethically sourced materials. The clothing uses 70% less water, heat, and energy to make and most come with recycled packaging and tags.

Want to stand out from the crowd and showcase your individuality?

We offer designs that stand out and are great for rave fashion and alternative streetwear. We also offer the option of made to order designs. Browse our range of unique handmade, sustainable hoodies, leggings, tops, and masks.