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Entire Community Comes To Help A Man Save His Dog’s Life

An east side man has been recently rescued by his central Indiana community. Rather, he was empowered to rescue his dog by providing the means to get him a costly surgery.

The resident favorite R&B singer, Randy Etter, was unhappily informed by the veterinarians that without the surgery his dog, Gemini, would die.

Gemini was Etter’s best friend, so he did not have a moment’s hesitation to do whatever he can to save the dog- even sell off his car. Etter put up an online sale for the car and was ready to sell it off for whatever he could get. His present situations made him unable to afford the entire costly surgery by himself. The pooch was being constantly driven around from vet to vet. In this process, he ended up losing his day job as well. However, taking care of his best friend was undoubtedly the number one on his priority list.

Whatever simple activity he would be doing during the day brought him back to the same thoughts, over and over again. Even when he was watching TV, his mind was stuck at the fact that without the surgery Gemini would die. He was well aware of the fact that he did not possess the financial strength to go for the surgery, but he was determined to do whatever it takes. Even putting his car on sale for about $1,000 lesser than what he actually wanted. It didn’t matter to him.

He was looking for help from friends too. One of them gave $2,000, but even that wasn’t enough. The Initiative of Street Outreach Animal Response (S.O.A.R) got him out of the fix by bringing in a surgeon from the Fishers.

Etter was thoroughly overwhelmed by the support. He exclaimed with a smile that he never imagined being one of those kinds of people who have miracles working for them.

Facebook posts asking for help for the pooch brought in more help. The group did all they could and a hefty amount of $3,000 was finally raised! The source of the money was from complete strangers. Everybody fell for Etter’s determination to save Gemini’s life and wanted to chip in.

The surprise gesture of so many kind and unknown people shocked Etter, as well. Anything like this ever happening was absolutely out of his mind. He never imagined such generosity from the community of people around him.

Gemini’s condition was due to a severe blockage in the intestines. A sock and some plastic baby bottle parts were found stuck inside him. The surgery took place for a long while, but now the doctors are really hopeful about his condition. Vets said that Gemini will make a complete recovery very soon, and there will be no more complications after. However, Etter has become much more wary of the things lying around in his house. He says that he cannot risk such an extreme situation ever again for Gemini.

We will be careful about pets after this incident too.