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3 Most Popular Engagement Rings in Australia

What are the most memorable moments in life – those milestones that are wrapped up in joy and significance? Perhaps buying your first home falls into this category. Welcoming a child into the world certainly does. But what about your engagement, where does this sit in the grand scheme of things?

It should sit pretty high on this list. After all, an engagement is a pure expression of love and commitment between two people. It represents the wonder and magic of really finding that special someone in this big, wide world.

To make the occasion even more special, you need the right ring. This is a ring which reflects the depth of feeling and scope of commitment between you and your beloved, as well as a signature statement in aesthetic style. This is why the look and feel of the ring – as well as its special personal importance – is so important.

So, how do you make the right choice for your special occasion? GS Diamonds Australia, as an reputable brand in the diamond field, has made a research and compiled a list of the three most popular engagement rings in Australia, exploring the trends and modes that we are currently seeing in the market.

Read on to discover more, and don’t forget to get in touch if you have any questions or queries ahead of your own special day.

White Gold Cushion Ring

White gold has always been associated with glamour and taste, but today the material is more popular than ever. Happy couples and ‘husbands and wives’ come to us in search of white gold pieces on a regular basis. At the same time, they are adding their own unique threads to the ever-unfolding story of this fine precious metal.

The most popular white gold rings feature a diamond centerpiece with a handsome cushion shape. This addition to an already classic piece of jewelry creates an astoundingly striking effect, while still retaining the right amount of elegance and poise. In total, this translates to an engagement ring which provides a charming complement to any outfit.


Teardrop and Heart-shaped Halos

It’s nice to play with the classics occasionally and to give them a more unusual twist. This is how design evolves, after all – through experimentation.

It’s a little wonder, then, that teardrop and heart-shaped diamonds are becoming increasingly popular on Australian engagement rings, as couples cast their nets further in search of that perfect piece of jewelry. Paired with a halo band, this is a fitting choice for a special engagement.

Princess Cut

A fine diamond engagement ring should be all about subtlety and detail. A princess cut diamond provides this, by bringing together a pyramidal profile with a rectangular shape when viewed from above. This effect is achieved thanks to cutting techniques which have been honed and developed over the centuries.

What’s your perfect engagement ring style? Is one of these three, or perhaps something a little different? Get in touch with the team at GS Diamond and let us find you the ideal ring for a truly special day for you and your beloved.