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Energy Kiwi and Lemon Smoothie to Start a New Day

What’s your go-to drink in the morning? Are you the traditionalist who still prefers a cup of hot coffee to start the day? Or are you looking for a different meal or drink to energize you in the morning?

Here’s a discovery of mine that I would like to share with you— kiwi and lemon smoothie. This drink has the essential nutrients that your body needs so that you can last through a busy morning.

There’s no question that kiwis and lemons are two delicious and nutritious fruits. But are they really good enough to give you the energy you need to start the day?

Kiwi and its health benefits

Kiwi is the edible berry of wood vines in the Actinidia venus. It is oval shaped with a size resembling that of an egg. It has a greenish brown skin with its bright green or golden in color. It has a sweet but unique flavor.

Kiwi can be used or eaten in different ways. You can freeze it after slicing, then eat the fruit as a snack or dessert on a hot day. You can also add it to salads, soups, oatmeal, and soups.

Kiwi may be small, but it is packed with nutrition. A medium sized kiwi contains 64 milligrams of vitamin C, which most of us know can help prevent and treat colds. Vitamin C has other health benefits such as promoting healthy looking skin.

Kiwi can also support good health of the heart, as it contains high levels of potassium that can negate the ill-effects of sodium in the body. High potassium has also been associated with lower risks of stroke and reduced kidney stone pressure.

With its high level of dietary fiber, kiwi can also prevent and treat constipation. Regularly consuming kiwi can make you more regular.

Moreover, kiwi has been shown to promote a good night’s sleep.

How can kiwi help in boosting energy?

But you may wonder—how can kiwi boost your energy, especially in the morning?

Well, we can go back to the high levels of potassium found in kiwi. In fact, kiwis can rival bananas when it comes to potassium content. And we all know that athletes and bodybuilders usually eat a banana before and after exercise.

Potassium, after all, can maintain fluid and electrolyte balance. It can also aid the body in releasing more energy during exercise.

Kiwi’s ability to boost energy and mood is not without scientific basis. A recent study conducted by experts at the University of Otago in New Zealand showed that people who eat two kiwis a day are more energetic than those who do not eat this nutritious fruit. The same study bared that eating two kiwis a day can result in a decrease in depression and fatigue.

Lemon and its health benefits

Like kiwi, lemon has plenty of health benefits. Incorporating lemon in your daily diet can keep you healthy and free from colds, fever, and constipation. It can also lower blood pressure and even keep the rheumatic pain away.

Lemon has also been associated with the energy boost. Lemon water, in fact, is said to be effective in rehydrating an individual after a workout.

Aside from giving you the energy you need in the morning, lemon can do a host of other things for you. Lemon can combat bacteria in the mouth and lessen risks for bad breath.

Rich in dietary fiber, lemon is also the type of food you’d want to be having in the morning. It can make you more regular as lemon can promote good digestion and regular bowel movement.

Lemon is also a frequently used ingredient in many detox teas.

Energy Kiwi and Lemon Smoothie Recipe

So are you now convinced that lemon and kiwi can give you the boost in energy that you need in the morning?

Aside from being nutritious, this diabetic smoothie recipes is so delicious. In fact, I can even recommend this to your kids who may have become bored with cereals.

Moreover, this is so simple to make. It should not take you more than 5 minutes to finish it as long as you have the ingredients ready.

This recipe makes 2 servings.


  • Two kiwi fruits, peeled and chopped
  • One lemon
  • One to two tablespoons of honey
  • Crushed ice

Step by step guide:

  1. Puree the kiwi fruit.
  2. Firmly press the lemon so as to strain its juice through a sieve.
  3. Add this to the blender along with the honey and ice. Process once more until it becomes silky smooth.
  4. Pour this smoothie into a glass.

This smoothie is so delicious that you can even prepare this for your kids. It’s so good that even picky ones will appreciate it.


Kiwi and lemon are two fruits that we don’t normally see as foods to be consumed in the morning. But studies have shown that these two fruits have many nutrients that can help us last through the day.

Try this kiwi and lemon smoothie, and you will be surprised at how effective the two fruits are in giving energy. This is an ideal drink in the morning, especially if you are rushing to get to the office.